1. morbus_laetitia says

    Never without helmet! ☝️

  2. Tattootempest says

    That is a [roman chair](https://www.americanfitness.net/bodysolidpowerlineromanchairbackhyperextension.aspx). That model is mainly used for doing back hyper extensions (kind of like doing a sit up while facing down to work on your lower back).

    Basically you are supposed to use it face down, with your ankles under the padded bar his ass is on, and your waist on the pad in front of him to support you doing the exercise.

  3. CBsays says

    Was he supposed to be facing the other way on that piece of gym equipment…? LoL

  4. ZeraTM says

    Don’t skip brain day

  5. Jim_SD says

    Must not have hurt too bad. He keeps getting up and doing it again. /s

  6. Angelfireworks says

    Dont skip physics class guys

  7. elLarryTheDirtbag says

    The moral being, if you don’t know, ask.

  8. SmonsInc says

    He must have been sitting on the non-padded side, whats the thought-process on that?

  9. ThePeculiarPigeon says

    This motherfucker does not physics!

  10. Mutex70 says

    No pain, no gain.

  11. Twistedfexer says

    100% not staged.

  12. The1nonlyno1 says

    See you’ve been putting on weight Son 🤣

  13. HateSpeechPromoter says

    That’s gonna leave a mark

  14. TomDac7 says

    Hey look at me, I’m a raging tool.

  15. marauderingman says

    No brawn or brains

  16. Antix1331 says

    Why are humans so stupid and why do we film ourselves being stupid and then post it for every1 to see.

  17. MightyJacket says

    Why would you try sitting on the metal part of a machine that clearly has a seat?, Was that on pourpose or did he assume you have to be uncomfortable for extra gains?

  18. zuccaselvaggia says


  19. transmaniacon-MC says

    It would have worked if he sat the opposite direction

  20. techlogik7 says

    Dumbass sitting on it backwards.

  21. booger_smash_IV says

    I could see where this was going from the beginning

  22. Silage573 says

    Less sets and more reps is what I recommend, maybe an ice pack.

  23. Research_Centric says

    Why’d he use the chair that way around? You can see the support arm going the other way as the thing flips into the air.

  24. FoofieLeGoogoo says

    Cameras should not be allowed in a gym.

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