1. maxime0299 says

    “Ah yes this is a small code change, should just be 5 minutes”

    **7 hours later**

    “Why the fuck is nothing happening now”

  2. ESTMCMXIV says

    Nothing’s easy, nothing’s free.

  3. STEMpsych says

    For the record, the guy behind @Pinboard, Maciej Cegłowski, gave his software company what is, IMHO, the finest software company name ever: “Nine Fives Software”.

    P.S. his talks are brilliant and entertaining and just about never about software. Highly recommended.

  4. kira555 says

    Or atleast that’s what I thought when I read it on stack overflow

  5. LunarGibbons says

    And if they for once is easy we will make it in the most complicated way possible.

  6. moekakiryu says

    “Let’s send some guys to the moon, how hard can it be?”

    -NASA, probably

  7. Xx_heretic420_xX says

    Past me: “Oh yeah, weekend project, couple hundred lines of code max”
    Spongebob french guy: “6 months later…”

  8. Erasmus_Tycho says

    Where can I buy this? I need it in my office.

  9. parzival3719 says

    i have never been so offended by something i 100% agree with

  10. __algernon says

    I think maintaining the false belief that a project is easy is a great way to persevere for a really long time. I deliberately cultivate this.

  11. Sceptz says

    We have a saying at work.

    If you’re looking for a challenge, say the magic words: *”that’s going to be a quick fix.”*

  12. KochSD84 says

    I think that’s Life’s credo as well…. Programmer insanity just adds much optimism and renews the “This will be easy now” part after every obstacle..

  13. RadioMelon says

    Honestly, yeah.

    I feel like a completely different programmer than where I started off.

  14. Whitethumbs says

    We do these things not because they are easy, but because it’s a repetitive task that will need to completed many times.

  15. TeraFlint says

    I’m not doing this stuff because I think it’s easy. I do it because of a really strong intrinsic motivation to achieve the end result. The satisfaction of creating functioning software is just off the charts.

    If this goal turns out to be reachable *somehow*, I keep pursuing the goal… and hope my motivation lasts longer than the development time… there’s this whole folder with ~95% unfinished projects just glaring at me.

  16. orangepunc says

    We do these things not because they are easy, but because ~~we~~ our managers thought they would be easy.

  17. WWhataboutismss says

    Me in my head about anything: this will only take 5 minutes.

    3 hours later… FUCK!

  18. master117jogi says

    There really should have been a line break before the they. Would have looked way nicer.

  19. BarbaraPate93 says

    You didn’t have the same effect

  20. Pradfanne says

    Why did I think it would say “We do what we must, because we can”?

  21. AtTheCorner661 says

    Sometimes it’s like making a lazyness investment.

    I’ll put effort and work into this program now, because it’ll make a task that I have to do often easier.


    wHy dOnT i jUsT aUtOMAtE iT Lol LMAO

  23. lifepuzzler says

    Should read 1:15 **AM**

  24. DezXerneas says

    More like

    I wasted 2 hours researching this shit and I’m not rewriting everythong now.

  25. Bluejanis says

    Setting up your own mail server should be easy right?

  26. topredditbot says

    Hey /u/3ncrypt3db0t,

    This is now the top post on reddit. It will be recorded at /r/topofreddit with all the other top posts.

  27. Cat__Wrangler says

    Because I wanted to copy the text…

    Source https://twitter.com/Pinboard/status/761656824202276864?s=20

  28. HatedOutlaw says

    Truer words have never been spoken

  29. jakethedumbmistake says

    I thought this new flair would be fitting 🤡

  30. jakethedumbmistake says

    I stg if they don’t)”

  31. crazykid080 says

    And then there’s the projects that i take on not because i think they’ll be easy, but because i think they’ll be fun

  32. deanrihpee says

    It was easy until some wild changes in mid-development appear.

  33. QuarantineSucksALot says

    THAT’s the same one who came back ?

  34. MangeMaBaguette says

    Where can I get one of these plaques?

  35. just_another_life says

    It’s easy, this will take me no longer than a work week…… one month later

  36. verguenzapato says

    I always knew I was the perfect candidate for this job.

  37. Sharkbaby1230 says

    Kinda like being fat.

  38. CrispyCouchPotato1 says

    You’ve just offended my entire people. But yes. XD

  39. BurpeesSimplex says

    Finally something clever on this sub.

  40. EvilWizard99 says

    That’s the rejected speech to the congregation of Zion by Morpheus in The Matrix Reloaded

  41. pmcd_com says

    Yeah I get most of the bs 🙂

  42. Amieisrad says

    This hurts a little y’all.

  43. Srawesomekickass says

    Opens fusion 360, proceed to bash head against wall.

  44. yktv917 says

    call me @ 8605022603

  45. bokexi61 says

    Everytime I have to use regex, I have two problems instead.

  46. bizwiz124_4 says


  47. M1blx says

    hmmm hmmmmm

    me : reads this

    me : um i dont understand what does this dude mean?

    me : comments my thoughts cuz reddit told to

    also me : AUG 5 2016!! WHAT!

  48. MarylynnMcghee says

    I do those things because it pays well 🙂

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