1. alphacentaurai says

    “Right on, brother!” any time an actual vet speaks about anything

  2. Labrat_The_Man says

    Dude gets the biggest baddest meanest lifted pickup he can find for the tough and rugged terrain of suburban America.

  3. CritMasterFlex says

    20 pairs of shirts? Wow that’s… that’s like 40 shirts.

  4. Tank_Girl_Gritty_235 says

    “I’d die for my country but I’d punch a drill sergeant in the face for yelling at me”

  5. Lefthandedsock says

    Meanwhile, most veterans are just normal people.

  6. heydoakickflip says

    Pray to god one of these trucks never hits you because after they put 50k of mods on it, they don’t want to pay the few grand it is to insure it. I shit you not, I talked to a guy with a truck like this and no insurance, said the premium was way too high for him to pay.

  7. Gracklefink3950 says

    Largely accurate but many of the guys that share this aesthetic will be happy to give you their perfectly reasonable excuse for getting kicked out of basic after 4 1/2 weeks and how that makes them a “veteran”.

  8. DisregardMyLast says

    needs to have a punisher skull in there somewhere

    edit: jesus my inbox. my phone is now physically heavier. fun shittin on these people tho.

  9. jazzmaster1992 says

    I saw a lifted truck with a canoe in the bed being towed by an unmarked truck (likely repossession) the other day, and it really got me wondering how many of these $40k plus trucks with expensive lifts and tires are being financed by people who can barely make payments on them. They are quickly becoming status symbols where I’m from, so it wouldn’t surprise me if a third to half of them are driven by people behind on payments.

  10. BrownSugar_99 says

    I live in Northern Utah and I see these types of people ALL THE TIME! Most people around here drive massive trucks despite the fact that no one ever hauls anything

  11. Oggrinsky says

    Basically everyone I grew up with in San Diego. All ultra patriots, yet none have ever done service in any form for their country. Supports the troops, demands everyone around them supports the troops, but always has some lame excuse why they didn’t, or don’t, join up. Bonus points if they’re also felons who hated the police until BLM became a thing and now bAcK tHe BlUe with zero self awareness.

  12. 10sharks says

    Is a member of Five Finger Death Punch

  13. Mckeyjane says

    What is MOS?

  14. Topazz410 says

    if you want to be a veteran that badly just serve.

  15. SeffboiProductions says

    Couldn’t enter the military after high school because of their colorblindness

  16. BeeGravy says

    That dip shit on top right, I hate him. I hate anyone pandering especially to veteran crowd.

    I.. i… I think I just hate everyone at this point..

  17. WaltChamberlin says

    I see alot of actual veterans out there who have all this as well. They made their identity completely around being a veteran. It’s typically the ones who did not adjust well to civilian life.

  18. Gavinardo says

    Definitely has a FB profile pic with their Oakleys on in the cab of their truck. Owns a Yeti cooler yet doesn’t camp enough to justify it. Could also own a Tacoma but it’s definitey the matte OD green or desert sand color, lifted, with a canvas bed canopy and light-bar. Name like Kyle, Justin, Tyler or Josh. Has a chocolate lab named Ruger.

  19. sambsa says

    Texas be like

  20. novaxhempmama says

    Trucks are always parking lot princesses too. Won’t find a fleck of off-road dirt anywhere on it cause the truck wouldn’t have made it back onto the road anyway

  21. BashfullyTrashy says

    I’ve never really run into a stolen valor situation, maybe aside from some guy on the side of the highway trying to get cash. Do people really do this? I’ve seen this “personality” around but do they really pull the stolen valor shit?

  22. Buttfranklin2000 says

    Why didn’t they just serve if they wanna be badass soldiers so much? Not form the US, so sincere question. Isn’t the US-Army always recruting like mad anyways, even down to have recruitment centers in Malls and near High Schools and all that?

    Sure, Marine Corps is probably hard as hell, but regular Army or Navy-service can’t be that hard to get into, can it?

  23. Btafoh5 says

    Me: it’s really nice out today

    This guy: did you know the election was rigged? And that’s why it’s NOT so nice out today

  24. V_es says

    Is this an American thing to call everyone who served in army a veteran? I mean, bootcamp is not battlefield. I served in army because it’s mandatory for every male citizen in my country. Not big of a deal really, not even a topic for a conversation. I’m no veteran. My grandfather fought Nazis, he was a veteran.

    If you were never deployed and never actually been a soldier- you are not a veteran you did fitness and got paid for it.

    Edit: I understand the legal side of it, I’m just very curious of perception- the word itself is international and exists in many languages. Here, it’s a “person who served in army” and a “veteran”- two distinct separate things. If I say “I’m a veteran I ran in the woods for two years in combat gear” people would laugh in my face; some would punch said face for using this word while there are real veterans out there.

  25. reecord2 says

    Totally would have served but they were disqualified cause of *vague medical condition*. They always let you know though, that they scored so, sooo high on their ASVAB (the recruiter couldn’t believe it, top percentile something something).

  26. Theswede92 says

    My cousin who is an actual veteran also fits this category, only need to add in Black Rifle Coffee and three days a week at the gun range.

  27. Rich-Fill2200 says

    Loud and obnoxious

  28. sambamamerican says

    Similar to people who cosplay their trucks as police vehicles.

  29. Ok_Date3216 says

    Has mated with a relative

  30. ryukin182 says

    On one hand, I never worked a day in my life in my actual designated MOS. Only reason I know what it is, is because I’d check every month if I was up for promotion. So I personally can see myself forgetting what it is eventually

  31. clinto1980 says

    Gravy seals.

  32. WizardGizzard91 says

    The ones that are super patriotic and jingoistic are the ones that have never served. My stepdad got draft deferments so he didn’t have to serve in Vietnam and now he is that most insanely patriotic person I’ve ever met to the point where it’s really annoying

  33. steamshifter says

    “I stand for the flag, and kneel for the cross.”

    *Proceeds to hate Joe Biden and not listen to anything Jesus said*

  34. davidnissim says

    Also has a Don’t Tread On Me sticker next to his Back The Blue, despite the obvious contradiction.

  35. Usedinpublic says

    Talks about how libs ruinin’ the country. Is on welfare and using food stamps.

  36. Hope_is_lost_ says

    Helped break into the capital

  37. OldSell3 says

    Posers:”man I would have joined the military if I didn’t have a bum leg in high school.”

    Actual vet:” My friends all died, I had to kill unarmed people and my ptsd is crippling me, help pls.”

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