1. CelestialWolfMoon says

    This looks a lot more like a salad more than a pizza.

  2. thredith says

    Tbh, the strawberries are not my only concern when looking at this *pizza*.

  3. slashing164 says

    Well, if you have them on the menu they will be used

  4. Alarming_Rutabaga says

    Wtf are those chickpeas??

  5. ICantLaughMore says

    There’s too many things on it anyway.

  6. Lorikeeter says

    Corn. Broccoli. Cauliflower?

    Pizzacrime in the 1st degree

  7. Not_A_Bird11 says

    Ah the problems you get when you have “the subway of pizza” aka MOD. Full disclosure I enjoy mod since it cheap af and super close to my house

  8. RobloxDeath5ound says

    i worked at pieology for a couple months last year and you’d be shocked how many people wanted cranberries on their pizza (they were there for the salads) i know it’s not the same level but damn i don’t get people

  9. RockNRollToaster says

    You wanna broccoli on your pizza??? *I KEEL YOU.*

  10. pt3rod4ctyl says

    Why was this even an option? …

  11. titsonaduck says

    Ok strawberries are the worst thing on here for sure…but like, not by a lot

  12. BrizzPalmizz says

    You should have tagged this dog shit

  13. BingoSpong says

    That looks like someone poured a salad onto a pizza….then added strawberries

  14. SlackerKey says

    respect to you for making this salad look nice on top of a pizza dough. Why can’t people just order a normal fucking pizza from the fucking menu. I deal with this stupid shit all the time.

  15. Flomosho says

    The strawberries aren’t the problem here.

  16. ruralmagnificence says

    There’s practically none left in Michigan where I am. Which I’m kind of glad about. Overpriced and every time I went the pizza was burnt.

  17. KVthegreatest says

    Why is that allowed? Y’all should have the right to veto toppings.

  18. nando82 says

    Jesus christ, did he say drag my shit trough the garden?!?!

  19. mintsus says

    Mod in general is a pizza crime. It always smells so bad

  20. groovehouse says


  21. J_B0ne87 says

    I hope you reported that person to the police

  22. Irishlamb says

    Shady AF. Whoever made this should be slapped

  23. KocaKolaKlassic says

    Mod pizza in itself is a pizza crime. Much prefer blaze

  24. ithinkoutloudtoo says

    I would definitely try that pizza.

  25. OnlyHereForMemes69 says

    This isn’t just a pizza crime, this breaks the pizza geneva convention.

  26. egorod says

    Strawberries are not too different from tomatoes when it comes to flavour and bite , plain chickpeas however is a bizarre addition

  27. millennium-popsicle says

    MOD needs a hard reset for their normal shit, this is going above and beyond the wrong way.

  28. spaniel_rage says

    And fucking broccoli?

  29. ChurtchPidgeon says

    Probably good honestly

  30. emceelokey says

    The tea question is why does a pizza chain have half if that stuff on that pizza to begin with!

  31. helixthecompleteegg says

    shoot the customer dead please /s

  32. im_ok_ says

    You get rid of those chick peas and olives and I’ll honestly give it a shot

  33. CloudedWheel6 says


  34. chickenman2359 says

    why is that even an option

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