1. LeRyanator says

    I really wanna know what exactly is done to a perfectly good video that would not only reduce resolution but also increase playback speed and still end up with horrible frame rate.

  2. DizzyDezi says

    Ugh…that gave me flashbacks to that newly wed couple who went to a big pond, couldn’t swim, and walked into the deep part by accident together….that was so sad.

  3. ZeraTM says

    The bride is the type of girl to fall in the shower and grab the water to get up

  4. Fello-2004 says

    Fiuuu she’s ok

  5. novaForCed says

    what happened exactly

  6. ParanoidGnome says

    Waterboarding wedding.

  7. AceOfWildCards says

    Well look at the bright side the groom is now a hero and the bride is less likely to be unfaithful!

  8. hoehater says

    If she’s that stupid you’re better off getting divorced….

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