1. Forgetful_Suzy says

    The funny thing about this, I was watching it last night and checked their Facebook account and the first picture is the dept telling people to watch out for cop cars that are pulled over as it’s a picture of a smashed police car.

    Edit. I thought of screen shotting but didn’t. Oh well

  2. Valkie says

    “A woman has filed a lawsuit against Arkansas State Police after an officer who was attempting to get her to pull over caused her to flip her car while she was pregnant.

    The incident took place last June, when Arkansas resident Nicole Harper was driving near Jacksonville and noticed police officer Rodney Dunn signalling for her to pull over, prompting Harper to take the necessary actions to do so.

    In accordance with the Arkansas Driver License Study Guide, Harper, who was pregnant at the time, slowed down and put on her hazard lights, seemingly looking for a safe place to stop.”

  3. auniqueusername77 says

    Even after the crash, someone with empathy would be focused solely on safety.

    “Do you need aid?”
    “I’m here. Medics are on the way”
    “Are you injured?

    Nope, a situation like that and the first thing he’s thinking is “why didn’t you stop?”

  4. cansitter says

    Somebody has been wanting to pull a pit maneuver for a long time

  5. Ajax957 says

    He pulled a pit maneuver with no back up, without clearing the highway to make sure other cars would not be in the crash, and to a car that was not speeding away. I am legit terrified of idiot cops.

  6. matteothehun says

    I predict that she will win her lawsuit, tax payers will pay the cost, and Rodney Dunn will suffer no consequences for his actions.

  7. FLTDI says

    My drivers ed teacher, that was a retired sheriff deputy, instructed us to do exactly what this lady was doing if you’re being pulled over in an unsafe location.

  8. meanjoegreen8 says

    So don’t find a safe place to pull over put the officer in as much risk as possible.

  9. PaleozoicFrogBoy says

    Pregnant or not I can’t think of a single reason why this officer would need to flip this car.

    The fact that the victim was pregnant just makes this that much more deplorable.

  10. RawboticPandurrrrrrr says

    Paid vacation incoming

  11. HumanEffigy_ says

    “Protect and Swerve.”

  12. bradmanman says

    Pull over right away or we’ll fucking kill you!

    She wasn’t running after committing a mass shooting at a preschool, she was speeding. This guy is a psycho.

  13. heffapig says

    Can you imagine potentially killing someone because they didn’t pull over fast enough? Jesus Christ.

  14. alwaysgettingstabbed says

    Instead of waiting another likely 10-15 seconds for her to find a place to stop, he just…..*sigh*

    He just totals her vehicle?

    Let me get this straight: Her car is totaled, and for all we know it may be her only vehicle, there’s a chance. She has to pay for an ambulance ride. Likely since she’s pregnant, and hoping there’s no injuries sustained in the crashed, she still may have to visit an OBGYN just in case, adding another cost. And on top of all that, very doubtful her insurance or the county/state will cover the damage to her vehicle, so now she has to try find another car out of pocket, after footing the bill for all those medical expenses.

    And this unbelievable jackass gets to walk away, because….let me review the video here…”you should have pulled over when you saw my lights.”

    This is America.

  15. kaffeian says

    Hope he is fired. She was legally fine. Had her hazards on to indicate she was knew he was there. You can do that to get off the interstate to a safe area before stopping.

  16. mnbvcxz123 says

    “Uh, ma’am, I stopped you because your registration tags have expired…”

  17. CrackRockUnsteady says

    This makes me furious. The way he just blatantly victim blamed her, lecturing her about how she should’ve pulled over, why didn’t she pull over, YOU ARE TALKING TO A GROWN ASS ADULT WHO HAS A DRIVERS LICENSE. WE KNOW HOW TO PULL OVER. He’s obviously trying to convince himself and her that his PIT maneuver was justified. Just a sociopathic and absurdly dangerous thing to do when there is obviously no pursuit and no crime has been committed. “Why did you force me to flip your car” this pig needs to go to prison for reckless endangerment. Sadly he’s probably still on the force. Hopefully she gets a big enough settlement to put the kid through college.

  18. Undercoverexmo says

    Wow I can’t believe what this Senator had to say in response. What an absolute asshole.

    “End of the day when somebody is fleeing I will never question the method police officer uses to stop them,” said Sen. Bart Hester (R-Cave Springs). “I don’t care if it’s 60 miles an hour, I don’t care if its 100 miles an hour, I want them stopped as soon as possible.”


  19. Fremue says

    Don’t they have these speaker things? He could’ve just said that she should pull over right now. She was obviously not sure if she can already pull over or drive until there is more space…

  20. SpelunkyJunky says

    Clearly slowed down and put hazards on to let the moron cop know she was looking for a safe place to pull over. Throw him in prison and vet then train your bloody cops!

  21. melvin0chang says

    Wow don’t rush to help them or anything

  22. Natural_Estimate_584 says

    What a stupid fucking asshole.

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