1. Game_Rigged says

    What’s even better is that oftentimes you’ll see something like 80% of players obtaining that trophy. Did the other 20% just never play the game or something?

  2. SockComprehensive508 says

    A lot of trophies like these are put in the game so devs can see how far players have went.

  3. Moist_Wet_Socks says

    But why would you miss the premise of the game by taking a shit?

  4. TeethOnTheCob says

    Some Assassins creed game gave me three gold trophies for watching the cutscenes before I ever even got to control anything lol.

  5. charmkingj says

    I have no platinum trophies and some now this is motivating me to platinum returnal thanks DMagic

  6. marsonaattori says

    This reminds me of hitman 3 where i was playing the manor map and then for some reason i just fell asleep and left game open and noticed next morning i got trophy for witnessing someone kill the target, i never checked how that all happened lol.

    And i live alone so nobody couldnt play it while im sleeping

  7. Jimbob2010 says

    Far cry 4: goes for a shit and comes back to credits

  8. jahma says

    One guy have unintentionally finished Far Cry 4 in this way.

  9. BigTimeSuperhero96 says

    Reminds me of The Simpsons Game on Xbox 360 where you got the achievement for pressing the START button at the main menu

  10. thundersleet11235 says

    That’s how I got the secret ending in far cry 4. I came back to the last few seconds of it, and then the credits rolling

  11. edwnpar5 says

    Laughing in Plankton’s voice 😂

  12. ArkticDarkness says

    What a shit trophy!!!🤣

  13. Asad_13 says

    >I’ll take it

    What? The trophy ~~or the shit~~?

  14. Skrubey says

    Bro ur starting cutscenes and just leaving to take a shit? Pause the game

  15. CMunky03 says

    Sounds like how I got the Stage Fright trophy in Uncharted 4. I put the controller down in the middle of a cutscene to grab some food then didnt realize it let me play again so I left it and the trophy popped

  16. Pizza_boy_lol says

    Uncharted 4 hmm

  17. StiffyXL says

    This meme is good meme.

  18. My_Opinion_Man_ says

    I hate cut scenes. I never watched a full one since Tomb Raider.

  19. marioshroomer says

    Stupid trophies like this are stupid.

  20. Dr_Ifto says

    Disgaea D2?

  21. shiggly_wiggly69420 says

    You did what!?

  22. mcsassy3 says

    If you had a switch, you could take it out from the dock and play while you shit. This is how I end up sitting on the toilet for up to an hour at a time here and there

  23. Galiendzoz says

    I think they only do this (especially independent developers) because they don’t understand the trophy system and want to just clutter it.

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