1. scottyb83 says

    *Upgrades graphics card…opens Stardew Valley*

  2. Cease_Existence says

    Which one did he get?

  3. intlssn says

    I did this with my gf and inevitably fell back to multiplayer meme games with potato graphics.

  4. HoseDoctors says

    That makes you a great partner.

  5. BartiX_8530 says

    your bf is lucky, that he found a good graphics card

    and i guess that he has a gf like that too.

  6. catapplepie says

    then him getting excited when i play his games even tho i dont know shit

  7. alg2036 says

    what will he play?

  8. KeyAcanthocephala942 says

    That’s my parents whenever they give me a gift or listen to me talk about stuff they they have absolutely no clue about. It’s really sweet and I always appreciate them for that:)

  9. According-Switch-708 says

    Yup…gonna do some serious gaming on my new GeForce 710. Cyberpunk here i come.

  10. princessllamacorn says

    My son excitedly telling about the new Minecraft update for Nintendo switch. Me just smiling and nodding and pretending I know what he’s talking about.

  11. Bystander-8 says

    ***as if it’s ever gonna happened***

  12. world_boxer says


  13. Toysrsux says

    I wish my ex did this for me when I would explain how excited I was for my new dnd campaign 😔

  14. Mparker123wolf says

    There’s something special about listening to someone talk about something they are passionate about.

  15. BaileyMae7 says

    Aww. I love it when my boyfriend goes on about his games. I’m not a video game person, but I’m always so happy to see him so upbeat and excited. It’s the same way about his mullet. I’d not like it on any other guy but love it on him only because he loves it so much.

  16. pvttravis says

    Get out of my head, you’re not real

  17. Boxing_joshing111 says

    Got scammed on eBay, be careful if you’re buying one!

  18. Bread_Juice_bby says

    It’s super cute when mine gets excited about something 🙂

  19. Otolithos says


  20. BlackAsLight says

    So I’ve wondered this for a while now. What is that thing in the second half?

  21. Life-Department-9297 says

    i actually feel happy rn cause my girl told me we are going to buy some hotwheels❤️🐐

  22. sunwuprime says

    *sighs, cries*

  23. clcutshaw says

    What’s he doing with that old graphics card?

  24. roolyons32711 says

    Did this for my boyfriend on his birthday last year, first PC build and it was the very last thing he needed to play the games he wanted. Got a sick deal on a used one, unfortunately it crapped out on him. Only used it himself maybe 5 months, he’s super sad panda now, especially with them being so expensive due to crypto mining. Really sucks, but hopefully one day soon he can enjoy that feeling of excitement all over again.

  25. Fearless-Effective86 says

    Wait. You let your bf play video games and you are happy he is happy????!!!!!, is this some sort of parallel universe?

  26. lasanhawithpizza says

    “honey. did u use my credit card for something?”

  27. lotharikos says

    I’m crying with my gtx 1050 .

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