1. marriott81 says

    Amazed to see my picture of Tenby being used in this context but I love it

  2. George2110 says

    No matter how hard you work, there’s always a bigger fish lol

  3. B0neCh3wer says

    Is that Tenby?

  4. buzfee says

    He had us in the first half, not gonna lie !

  5. Iced_Adrenaline says

    This reminds me of a quote;

    “If you don’t spend your life working towards Your dream, towards Your goals, you are working towards someone elses.”

    That being said, if your goals can be achieved working for someone else, why would you want the extra stress and sleepless n nights that come with running a business.

  6. Future-Amphibian-366 says

    Or just kill the boss and u will be the boss

  7. LilGoughy says

    This is a place posted in r/casualUK earlier today.

    It’s Tenby, Wales

  8. support_singularity says

    That’s Tenby, UK, if people are interested about the place.

  9. Hesquiat says

    That’s why I’ve chosen to work for a small company, where I’ve taken a leadership role and accumulated shares of ownership in less than a decade.

  10. tryplot says

    you can either take it easy and go fishing, or work really hard so that one day you can take it easy and go fishing.

  11. Im_IP_Banned says

    No matter how hard you work, there’s always a 10 year old that makes more money.

  12. RSdabeast says

    You’ll be surprised by how much money your higher-ups are taking from you. Money your labour generated, money you earned.

  13. aleftistkinkster says

    Cool meme. Five stars. Would produce small amount of wind from nose again.

  14. canuckpilot93 says

    It really is that easy, just start your own business and see!

  15. V1rus_X says

    Plot twist: You are the boss

  16. ComradeVeigar says

    Abolish bosses

  17. ZeroXDiablo says

    Ah, a good day for capitalism

  18. mohak_das says

    Moral of the story : Be your own boss 😉

  19. phreakzilla85 says

    Can confirm, my boss lives pretty well.

  20. freshStart15 says

    i’m my own boss but still, fuck that guy

  21. OrganizationNo6091 says


  22. mrnobody619 says

    pyramid scheme be like

  23. rhymnocerus1 says


  24. Pachydermatological says

    if you live below your means, cut out all the expensive fun stuff, invest your savings, risk your savings on a business venture, hire hard working employees, and provide a good or service that improves the lives of others, you can live there too.

  25. steve_splash says

    It’s honestly so surprising that so many redditors have the same understanding of how a business works as they do on what a vagina looks like

  26. ThatLittleCommie says


  27. RatingYourPosts says

    Be your own boss 🙂

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