Indian Govt Must Realise That Insurance Can’t Replace Healthcare


How Big Healthcare Innovations Have Often Followed In the Wake of Crises

The pandemic has forced the conversation on health. The PM, on 30 April, in his Cabinet meeting, referred to the pandemic as a “once in a century crisis”. A crisis of such proportions must be used as an opportunity to effect big shifts. Globally, big healthcare innovations have often followed in the wake of such crises. The Spanish flu and the world wars led to the UK developing its signature National Health Service (NHS), epidemics like smallpox led to unthinkable things like the US’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Soviet Union’s Institute of Virus Preparations, cooperating at a time of an intense cold war to distribute the smallpox vaccine to developing countries.

In India, the Bhore Committee in 1946, the High Level Expert Group on Universal Health Care in 2011 and the high level group which submitted its report to the 15th Finance Commission in 2019, have spoken eloquently on what public healthcare in India must mean.

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