1. flex_inthemind says

    The hook is – I grew myself a superfriend, your girlfriend can’t get over him.
    Then the verses are about how he’s fat and his titties make your girlfriend wet.

    Dudes going places

  2. Katerwurst says

    It’s like he’s lactating raw talent.

  3. albertsugar says

    You might not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

    Edit: thank you for the gold kind stranger.

  4. canbananafly says


  5. Sobbal_golem says

    honestly he is confident as fuck

  6. Ntetris says

    This boy is a PROOOBLEM. Hide your wife, hide your kids, the purple haired boy with the CS GO camo jacket is coming for ya

  7. kilokal597 says

    [original song] (https://youtu.be/uVPoGMu3LQo)

  8. RadTheRussian says

    ngl this is almost fire

  9. None_Tea says

    Anyone got a yt link for him? Shit’s fire lmao

  10. theclovek says

    You know one day archeologists are gonna be very amazed by this

  11. ThatkidJerome says

    This guy is the original inspiration for r/Chadtopia, I think he’s pinned there, what a legend

  12. blelch69 says

    If he wasn’t as confident as he was this would not have been as impressive

  13. diesater says

    I want his bandcamp/vk/YouTube/whatever account now

  14. jopy666 says

    Andy Milonakis hasn’t aged well at all.

  15. Theresneverenoughpud says

    Twenty five years from now hes gonna be that super fat dude at all the big parties having beautiful women twerk on his gut.

  16. set-271 says

    TIL Augustus Goop came out the other end of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory a rap supastar mogul.

  17. goat_chortle says

    Fat GopNick

  18. alisoncarey says

    Is there a subtitled version?

  19. RedBanana99 says

    I’m 50 and a childfree woman, never been pregnant and live in England.

    How easy would it be to adopt this young man? We would have a ball together. I’d teach him how to bake a Victorian sponge and we could sip gin and tonics whilst eating cake. I could have a cameo in his next video.

    Absolutely brilliant lad

  20. ogredandy says

    An icon. We stan.

  21. Quizzmo says


  22. BigBadKima says

    Can someone give a link where can I find this masterpiece?

  23. MynameMB says


  24. Noname_FTW says

    Andy Milonakis reborn!

  25. ruimtekaars says

    Honestly a jam

  26. MSTRKRFTDNR says

    Some good ol Screech Rap

  27. V9d27 says


  28. abduktedtemplar says

    That beat is fire!

  29. Cadet_Carrot says

    I don’t know what my man’s is saying, but this is a bop

  30. abiabi2884 says

    In Germany es got Exsl95. Same thing

  31. hikgafel says

    That was quite disturbing and very disturbing at the same time.

  32. cafeclimb says

    This man fucks

  33. neighbourhoodweirdo says

    This guy will give tough competition to [Paki singer Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye](https://youtu.be/_8Gx6AFMJ9U)

  34. Mostly__Relevant says

    Here king you dropped this 👑

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