1. Zydiz says

    “you might as well just buy a new one”
    – apple tech support

  2. AmzWL says

    We need right to repair.

  3. count_frightenstein says

    There was a flea market near me that had this amazing unauthorized, “backroom” tech who could repair iPhones like screens, batteries etc and guaranteed that Apple wouldn’t be able to tell. My kids kept breaking their screens and this guy would fix them for $50.

  4. JuggaKnotBeatz says

    Sounds like car maintenance

  5. greeperfi says

    A lot of credit cards offer [varying levels of insurance](https://thepointsguy.com/credit-cards/phone-protection/) for damage.

  6. Soapor says

    I have a 2017 iPad Pro and the screen has a yellow ring around the entire outer edge. Apple store quoted a repair over $400, and straight up said buy a new one instead of repairing. I pushed back and said this looks like a faulty part, like the screen is coming unglued or delaminating. They said that’s normal “wear and tear”, and my iPad is “so old these things happen”. The problem started in 2019 right after my Apple care expired. Just a heads up for anyone curious about the longevity of premium tablets.

  7. MrCoolJakey says

    Right to repair or not it’s going to be expensive regardless because of the screen quality. I work at a repair shop and we charge in the realms of 450-500 for the 4th gen 12.9. In the end, don’t break your expensive tablet.

  8. Bre_akD0w-N says

    Mini led is cutting edge tech ATM for mobile. This will still be expensive with right to repair

  9. SeriouslyUnknown says

    This is why LG left the cellular mobile industry

  10. patienceisfun2018 says

    $300 to fix pixel 5 screen.

  11. surferdude139 says

    I’m all for right to repair, but guys it costs $699 to repair because just the touch display alone in that thing would cost easily the same amount of money in a standalone display. It is cutting edge technology. Don’t buy a “pro” model if you can’t afford to fix the cutting edge technology.

    EDIT: what im trying to say is that part alone, (the display) is easily worth $400-500 standalone, and since the devices nowadays are so lightweight and compact, the engineers are forced to make everything super integrated, making something that may seem simple like replacing a display module, far more expensive and involved than it once was.

  12. UnexpectedCatBanker says

    When did all of these comments become full of condescending arseholes who know way less than they think they do?

  13. Dmon1Unlimited says



    It’s surprising that people don’t see how this could apply …


  14. SocalistCarpet says

    Yeah the pre m1’s were about the same. Worked at an Apple authorized repair house and it’s a gouge no matter what

  15. Hailgod says

    pretty sure they make it absurdly high so everyone buys “apple care”

  16. rapeerap says

    Everyone is praising the M1 and to be honest, the performance is impressive but with all the components in one chip, it’s gonna be a nightmare to repair.

  17. Ftdffdfdrdd says

    as long as people buy it, it means they are ok with this..

    to each it’s own.

  18. Blackulla says

    Don’t break it 🤷‍♂️

  19. yokotron says

    People that keep screaming right to repair don’t understand that even if we can repair, we are stuck buying the parts from them for a huge mark up either way. They’ll get their money!

  20. legumious says

    I find that hard to believe. Don’t they really just tell you they can’t repair it, and then ban you from the forums when you bring the good news that a third party repaired it?

  21. dolandonline says

    Hmm, a brand new form of screen almost never used in any other consumer tablet before with a high refresh rate and in a very large size is expensive to repair or replace?? Who would have thought! /s

    All these people saying “planned obsolescence” and “this is why people should stop buying apple products” are the same people who have to buy a new android phone every year because it stops getting updates the second the new one comes out. There are still people using iPhone 6s more than 6 years later. It’s expensive because it’s quality and you’re getting a lot of value out of it. If you don’t want a 13” mini led display with a 120hz refresh rate in a tablet that is running the same processor as a $2000 laptop and desktop with up to 16gb of ram and one of the best app libraries out there, then buy your $300 Samsung tab.

  22. MrSp33dy123 says

    Everyone is forgetting that nothing is really repairable anyway. I mean, Apple are making it way harder than it should be – but I have gone through three windows laptops in my lifetime thus far and none of them have been able to be repaired. Get insurance – the likelihood of your iPad dying without you dropping or water damaging it is ridiculously low.

  23. smacks23 says

    This article doesn’t define what repair. a malfunctioning camera is different than dropping it and then running it over with your car. Without knowing details this price clickbait article is pointless

  24. ShiftSandShot says

    Solution: Don’t buy an iPad.

  25. whyamiresponding says

    I have a brand new iPad Air 4 (the latest one) that I cracked the screen on back in December. There still aren’t parts available for it and it’s now been released for about 6 month. Right to Repair is a critical step to put pressure on these companies that otherwise have no incentive to allow it.

  26. Rabiesalad says

    People need to take a stand and stop buying these devices. Unfortunately not gonna happen.

  27. new_refugee123456789 says

    no it won’t, because I won’t buy one.

  28. GroeneAppel says

    So, it costs a new Ipad to repair an Ipad?

    What else is new?

  29. toomanyquestionzz says


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