1. doowgad1 says

    I think it was George Carlin who said that if White parents aren’t sure how to teach their kids about racism they should tell the kids to talk to some Black kid, because Black kids learn about it before they are allowed to leave the house.

  2. Phil_Drill says

    Not enough people address how the term “reverse racism” implies there is more natural direction of racism.

  3. Thatisme01 says

    I always thought that the reason history was taught at school was so we could ‘learn from the mistakes of the past’.

    Otherwise how else are our children going to learn right from wrong.

  4. TheTruestWaffle says

    We teach history.

    That is all, there’s no other argument. We must teach all history so we do not repeat our mistakes.

  5. Deadstar9790 says

    Besides the fact that reverse racism isn’t a thing, teaching and speaking facts about a race is not racist. And before epopel get mad I’m saying it’s just racism. Racism is not specifically defined as prejudice towards blacks its towards anyone because their race. So it’s not reverse racism. Just racist.

  6. 71daysWithoutWeed says

    Grew up in a blue state. I thought all public schools in America taught about slavery and the atrocities done to Natives.

  7. aewitz14 says

    There is no such thing as reverse racism that’s so dumb. If you treat someone differently based solely on their race or ethnicity you are a racist. People being racist in the past doesn’t make someone racist now, unless they treat people differently because of their race or ethnicity.

  8. gzeus_giuce25 says

    I’m not disputing this tweet, except for one thing, there is no such thing as “reverse racism.” That isn’t a real thing and it somehow implies only white people can be racist which is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. No intelligent person without agenda would ever use that term.

    There is racism and there is racism, that’s it, it’s all racism. Anyone can be racist, bigoted, prejudiced etc.

    And no I don’t want to hear your excuse as to why your racism is ok and someone elses isn’t. The only argument I ever hear is that because at some point someone with the same skin color did something upsetting it justifies hating an entire race.

    It’s racism, just say racism.

  9. Satan-gave-me-a-taco says

    Reverse racism doesn’t fucking exist, it’s just racism.

    Racism is racism

  10. liberia_simp says

    Teach history the way it happened, no matter how bloody.

    Just don’t blame people that are alive now for things that other people did hundreds of years ago

  11. jdtart says

    I learned about racism when I was in second grade, a little white kid who just moved into a predominantly black area. Was beaten to near death because I was white in the bathroom at the school. Then the principal said it was probably something I did or said that was reason enough.

    So yeah, there’s that.

  12. myles_cassidy says

    “Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

    “Ok, let’s teach people about how racism became systemic.”


  13. Ella_Minnow_Pea_13 says

    Don’t apologize

  14. obfuscated_sloth says

    How could anyone’s ancestors avoided being “assholes”, when at the time that was the societal norm, and we’re applying a value/ethics judgment retrospectively?

    My ancestors gave the word “slave” it’s modern meaning. That doesn’t mean however that I have an axe to grind, for example against the ancestors of today’s Italians from/and/or around Venice (as an example of targeting some ancestors).

    As someone else pointed out – the modern institutional racism is the problem. Teaching about the roots of that racism and it’s modern implementation is what’s important.
    Ultimately – racism, like sexism, and almost any other -ism / -phobia is a remnant of institutionalised socio-economic relations founded in the unnatural exploitation of humans by other humans.
    Only once the exploitation of one human by another human becomes ethically repugnant and practically impossible to implement, will these issues be relegated to history.

  15. Godz1lla1 says

    There is no such thing as “reverse racism.” If race is a factor, it’s racism. Being a particular race does not make it ok or not ok to take any specific action.

  16. JeffyLifts says

    Definitely white people have done shitty things throughout history, every race has, its not a whites only problem to teach.

  17. billsmafiabruh says

    Ah yes my slaveholding Irish ancestors escaping political persecution in Ireland in 1919. Teaching history makes my ancestors look so bad. The issue is when you teach as all white people and their ancestors are racist.

  18. Yung_Corneliois says

    I mean… all races were assholes to one another through out history white people just won.

    I’m not saying that makes anything white people did or that history shouldn’t be shown, of course it should, but I don’t get how people disregard the fact that all people while expanding, were assholes to those they encountered, white, black, Asian, Latino even Native Americans.

  19. SpartanG087 says

    Tell this to China. (downvote me you bots)

  20. charizard_has_apple says

    Just because your parents were assholes doesn’t mean you have to be

  21. Just_Taylon says

    Wtf is reverse racism

  22. Stlpitwash says

    Cam we knock off the “reverse racism” thing. There is no such thing as reverse racism. There’s just racism. It goes both ways. Same thing for the phrases over and under privileged. And, unpopular opinion during pride month, the term gay rights. There’s just racism, there’s just privilege, there’s just rights. Say it correctly, or it doesn’t mean a damned thing.

  23. HomicidalChild says

    No, but it is racist to try and tell me I should be sorry for slaves I’ve never owned, or telling me that I’ve oppressed someone I’ve never met simply because I’m white. Yes, wealthy elites ran plantations and such using slaves, but that was the elite. They use this same race shit repeatedly to keep us dividing ourselves. Does anybody remember what the grasshopper from a bugs life said when referring to the ants?
    *edit correcting diving to dividing *

  24. El_yeeticus says

    It’s fine when you teach history, but when you start saying current white people are the same as history’s white people, that’s racist.

  25. Reasonable-Taste says

    if you actually taught history you would realise all ancestors “look bad”, and humans are generally cunts.

  26. 4ausername says

    Very few white people in the history of the world owned slaves. If you’re white your family most likely did not own slaves. It was a very rich status symbol.

  27. Dudian613 says

    This garbage is the problem. Clearly my ancestors were racist shits and I’m sorry BUT you can’t pile this on people who had nothing to do with it and expect them to have a reasonable response.

  28. productiveboobs says

    Assholes is too nice of a word

  29. Tankguy40 says

    Alot of us are not worried about our ancestors. What we do worry about is people holding us accountable for our ancestors actions. Spend a day in a ghettos in savannah and you will find blacks hating whites for slavery even tho there is no one alive legally owing slave or just hating because they are white and the Mexicans . Source I grew up with my step mom who is black and lived in the run down part of Savannah

  30. funwithtentacles says

    Nobody is going to see this comment, I’m just here to say that all the top comments in this thread were a whole lot more rational than I expected them to be…

  31. dafirstman says

    Also, it’s likely not even *your* ancestors you are defending. *You* don’t come from landed slave-owning wealth. *Your* family was kept artificially poor by the economic system created by those very slave owners you are championing.

  32. Mayhem_Actual says

    Every race across the world have been assholes fo sho

  33. unbekannt_7 says

    Who the hell says it’s reverse racism or anti white to teach history?

  34. r-Spaids says

    More time is spent talking about race and slavery than actually important historical events

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