1. kibstah says

    buy the dip!

  2. TheBetterTheta says

    I’m fucking buying

  3. stephenporter says

    In fact I bought more so open invitation to blow me Ken

  4. Maleficent-Failz says

    Is this a dip? Looks kinda like a handle to me?!?
    ! Guys.. we just got a bigger cup!

  5. rngztmbrg says

    The worst thing about the dip is that shares get affordable again…which means that summer vacation is off the table for now :/

  6. El_MUERkO says

    Selling, I got some crypto that I’m seriously thinking about selling to buy more GME 😀

  7. Chipimp says

    7’d UP!

    The dip before the rip I like to sip

  8. bischofk says

    If this doesn’t shake off all of our paper handed bitches nothing will….meanwhile I increased my shares by another 10%

  9. 56hope_road says

    I need at least 35% movement before I start paying attention.

    This reeks of a Hail Mary play. The AH dip, the media FUD, today’s action…They desperately want to keep people from piling on after yesterday’s good news. Good luck with that fuckers, I’m not going anywhere!!

  10. hopeofaudacity says

    Fuck yeah! I ain’t selling 🦾

  11. katobean says

    Averaged up!!

  12. Memoishi says

    What is an exit strategy anyway

  13. madsoro says

    It’s literally so easy. Yeah, seeing 25% of my entire net worth disappear isn’t fun, but all I need to do is hold to win. That’s it.

  14. celicajohn1989 says

    I bought 50 more. Fuck you Kenny

  15. williams2838 says

    Today’s discount allowed me to reach XXX hodler status!

  16. magicwhale92 says

    I bought at 250 thinking I was buying the dip 😂

  17. Mind_Financial says


  18. sawdos says

    I’m pissed that I bought 2 days ago. Fuck it. 10 shares compared to 14 shares isn’t a big deal

  19. maxxxxpower says

    But I am buying!

  20. PhishinLine says

    I’m fucking buying!

  21. Koperek324 says

    I couldnt resist… I tried, but couldnt resist, bought more

  22. Extension_Win1114 says

    Got another one 💎💎🦍🦍now almost mid XX one banana dip at a time baby! Been averaging up past couple months

  23. Content_Gur6965 says

    Why would you sell if the price goes down?

  24. Alex-Cour-de-Lion says

    Thankyou for the ability to buy at 214 five minutes after my pay arrived Kenny. You are a legend.

    Looks like it will be a peas, rice, beans week but to get into the XX club was worth it.

  25. Fabulous-Row397 says

    Lets gooo!!! Not that i want it to… but if this dips to 100 I’m buying 100 more shares. Fuck you Ken you bitch

  26. Brammmmmmmm says

    What is selling?

  27. ClearEye2428 says

    I refuse to upvote any image with LDC playing that snake in the grass criminal

  28. TheGoldenMangina says

    I’m just literally upset that I don’t get paid anything until the 15th. There is a hell of a sale going on and I can’t capitalize. Wah-wah

  29. leonardoluis87 says

    Juicy dip bought

  30. JimmyJamesincorp says

    No one is selling.

  31. WhoAmaKara says

    This is the way

  32. WhoAmaKara says


  33. yesitdooms says

    To the moon or to the grave.

  34. xMriLLeST says

    I don’t even know what a sell is

  35. Spudsmgee16 says

    Buy. Hold. Not financial advice.

  36. diesolow says

    Actually….I bought 4 more 😎

  37. j__walla says

    I panicked and bought more

  38. buckzer0 says

    Today has just been fuckin wildly fun. I got xx at 275 and thought I was bleeding edge cool. Lmfao. The only goddamn thing I’m mad about is that I could’ve got x more. Just got super horny this morning

  39. DifficultySalt4231 says

    I’m fucking buying

  40. riichwith2eyes says


  41. Healthy-Lifestyle-20 says

    I’ll keep buying and averaging down, back to back great days, yesterday with shareholders meeting and todays dip 💎🙌

  42. zigmister21 says

    I have not bought any more shares since January but I just couldn’t resist that discount.

  43. throwaway8769910 says

    Got about 80 shares today, was gunna stop buying the dip at 260, then 250, then 230, then 215 lol

  44. Candid_Pumpkin154 says

    Yeah fuck you Kenny

  45. PornstarVirgin says

    Panic bought 200 more again today

  46. slab12321 says

    I bought 3 more…

    Suckit Kenny….

  47. Inappropriate50 says

    I got pissed off today. Then I got back from work and realized its pay day and this is the cheque I don’t owe any bills on. Thanx for the discount Kenny.

  48. Nevergiveup79 says

    Got 80 more

  49. Happyvalborg says

    Literally sold all my amc and bought 13 GME

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