1. goldilocksbitch says

    Article about dropping google: google is bad because they collect your information and bombard you with ads! Not to mention who knows what they’re selling from your cookies, or your personal sites!

    Also the same article: share cookie please🥺

    Hey, editing to say a few things.
    First thanks for the love/hate, it didn’t expect my ridiculous comment to get that big.

    Second, I found an extremely helpful website called tosDR. It pretty much summarized the TOS for almost any service. Check out Reddit’s [here](https://tosdr.org/en/service/194). Will you put tech down?

  2. PokemonBeing says

    Firefox rules!

  3. HCrikki says

    People serious about this recommendation should always detail how how can go about switching without losing their bookmarks, history, stored passwords and currently open accounts and tabs. Otherwise it will fall on deaf ears.

    On an aside, Firefox’ migration process needs to be rethinked. Unless one migrates during the installation process, the collapsed user interface lacks any easy shortcut to migrate content from another browser and needs the window menu enabled for it to be easily accessible.

    Mozilla should consider increasing the visibility of “import data from another browser” and the scope of the data it can import as a high priority.

  4. Kaoulombre says

    It was time 10 years ago

    Firefox FTW

  5. AgnosticPerson says

    So I click on the link and the first thing that pops up is that Wired wants you to accept all cookies. Not that I care too much but the pot is calling the bigger kettle black.

    Edit: I get it. I work in technology. Was just making a comment for sweet Reddit Karma that doesn’t matter and to give someone a chuckle. 😉

  6. DukkyDrake says

    >Although Chrome legitimately needs to handle browsing data, it **can** siphon off a large amount of information about your activities and transmit it to Google, says Rowenna Fielding

    All software you use that is connected to the internet can do that.

  7. donrhummy says

    For everyone suggesting Brave because it’s owned by a better company, it’s owned by Brendan Eich. He’s a vocal anti-masker (and claimed Fauci is a liar) and also anti-lgbtq who donated to Prop 8 to outlaw same sex marriage.


  8. RatiocinationYoutube says

    People have been saying this since Chrome was made.

  9. Dizzy-Peach8733 says

    Can some explain why I should care about this? So what that my info is being sold for advertising purposes? I genuinely don’t see the issue.

  10. beardsly87 says

    It was the Software Reporter Tool that did it for me. Noticed one day my disk activity and CPU spiking, investigated and found the Software Reporter Tool scanning basically my whole hard drive, and it was running from the Chrome program folder. For those who don’t know, Chrome scans your PC for which other applications you have installed. They claim it’s to detect which other apps might slow down your browsing experience and to prevent Google from installing any apps that will conflict with your other apps. Yeah right… funny how every other software developer has been able to operates just fine without those privacy-violating methods. No, you’re just malware.

  11. Polar_Beach says

    But… all my passwords are saved here

  12. kehlankrumme_ says

    Good luck unseating it as the browser most developers and testers give priority when doing their jobs. Honestly, I think it’s impossible right now.

    I’m not saying that’s good. I’m saying that’s how it is.

  13. Ripperx_ says

    i use opera gx. No memes aside i actually really like it

  14. thecuriousiguana says

    I have a Win10 laptop and an Android phone.

    Tried Firefox and really liked it.

    Tried Edge and really liked it.

    But something always brings me back to Chrome. Some sites just don’t work on other browsers. Weirdly, on Edge, it was some Office 365 stuff (management of OneNote class notebooks just wouldn’t load).

    As soon as I find a site that doesn’t work, I’m afraid I ditch the browser completely. I’m not mucking about switching browsers, I’m not keeping another browser around just for one or two sites. I just want it to work.

  15. Narmonteam says

    Vivaldi gang where

  16. wretch5150 says


    Last year I was supposed to ditch Firefox because it was supposedly on its last legs. Now Chrome too?

    Who sponsors these articles, I wonder…

  17. ggates17 says

    No matter what you do or think or browser you use there is no real privacy online anymore.

  18. Different_opinion_ says

    Absolute peak irony that as soon as I try to read this story I am asked if Wired can collect and store my data on order for them to use it for advertising.

    Fuck outta here Wired.

  19. Mayhemic-Destruction says

    my only issue with firefox was that videos or websites wouldn’t play/load properly all the time

    they also cut their dev/qa team a lot awhile back

  20. TheObstruction says

    Early Google: “Don’t be evil.”

    Modern Google: “I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

  21. BenTVNerd21 says

    Firefox is where it’s at.

  22. certainly_imperfect says

    even I don’t use chrome that much, but frankly the argument posted on the website is absolute trash!

  23. craz4cats says

    Firefox and duckduckgo. I don’t even miss google

  24. virtualmang says

    I use Chrome, Google search, Google maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google docs/sheets/calendar/drive, and various Nest smart home devices.

    And I *really* like all of those services. Google can have my data. I really don’t care.

  25. condudep says

    Microsoft edge here I come!!!

  26. iam_bss72 says

    Why isn’t anyone talking about edge?
    I’m a huge fan of collections.

  27. MountainOfStupidity says

    It’s been time for me since 2010 when I made the permanent switch to Firefox. It was pioneering optimization, privacy and security, which seems to be the opposite business model of Google since day 1.

    Fast forward today, Mozilla not only makes my favorite browser, but they also made my favorite programming language: Rust (which is also used in Firefox).

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