1. Spyxyana says

    people need to tell the difference between OP and frustrating to play against

  2. Viikoreaux says

    Irelia mains are amazing. She takes so much consistent skill to play at a high level. I don’t even play her but I follow this sub out of admiration for you guys

  3. elpufff says

    Because I don’t want my opponent to suffer

  4. AkaliBlank says

    its so fucking anoying honestly

  5. ypdawgihave says

    What anime is that?

  6. Timeiaft says

    Typical reddit weeping idiot: Irelia is broken and is a easy champion

    Then why does she have 46% wr on all elos? if she’s easy and broken why no one knows how to win consistently games with her.

    If she’s strong and simple in what elo those two things are reflected?

    People still know the definition of words or do I have to throw a dictionary at them?

    **Easy:** not hard or difficult; requiring no great labor or effort.

    oh yes, I’m sure, Irelia is the simplest champion to climb elo effortlessly (if someone recommends Irelia over Malphite to climb elo, it’s a troll)

    **Overpowered:** that obtained more power than needed

    oh yes I also agree, Irelia is so op with her 46% wr, she wins a lot more games than she loses with 0 counterplay.

    Seriously LoL Reddit looks like the worst face of Twitter. A lot of toxic people talking about what they don’t know, without listening the argument of others

  7. Ruyue45 says

    Good irelias are dominant. Bad irelias run it down 0/5 in the first 6 minutes.
    In order to git gud, you sell your soul to Irelia’s thighs and one trick her for 1000 games. Ez

  8. Moggy_ says

    I get the pros part. But I hate the “if you think they op, why don’t you play them” bitch what if I hate the champ. I don’t like the lore, nor the gameplay. Have some dignity

  9. DirewolfMiner says

    I mean I agree irelia isn’t easy and she’s not op by default, but the whole “well why don’t you just play it then” argument is really lazy IMO. It’s like saying “well why don’t you just do X thing that is in conflict with your preferred play style?”

    Like, hello? I want to have fun? In a video game? Ikr hard to believe.

  10. Tankplank4win says

    You know, there’s a thing called honor

  11. Crichky says

    cuz we have dignity

  12. Pol4sa says

    Playing irelia is fun, but when I play aganist her, I always getting rolled. Like the damage on passive is like wtf and I don’t know how to survive lane aganist irelia

  13. josephcheated says

    In low elo its harder to carry as irelia ngl, but i dont really play irelia in ranked

  14. hi-its-nico says

    the excuse i read the most is : “im not a degenerate as to play her ” or “its op but i want to climb by my on means” completely missing the point that the dare is to play her and see how you do. People that do go on her first time int their ass off

  15. IAmNekii says

    No Irelia IS Easy to Play and abuse.

    The difference is she is Hard to Master.

    Lansing/Winning a 1v1 isn’t hard, aswell as abusing your enermy laner but consistently find good Teamfights and maximixing her sidelane potential isn’t easy

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