1. Randomwhitelady2 says

    Something is going on here. There is more than meets the eye for him to just change his position like this.

  2. XSavage19X says

    Somebody should let Manchin know that Republicans in state legislatures around the country are apssing voting regulations on party line votes every day. Maybe he should follow their lead.

  3. duggtodeath says

    “I wouldn’t want to offend the people who planned to kill me and my colleagues.”

  4. vicegrip says

    But he has nothing to say about the multitude of measures his GOP friends are passing at the state level to deny Americans their right to vote.

  5. greenascanbe says

    This might be a reason why he acts the way he does. (not mine, just sharing)

    “Manchin’s top donor is international Miami-based law firm Greenberg Traurig. If the name Greenberg Traurig rings a bell it’s because that’s the law firm that Rudy Giuliani use to be a partner at before he resigned on May 10, 2018 after being forced to by the firm for being an idiot for going on air and saying it’s normal for lawyers to pay off prostitutes (referring to Trump and Stormy Daniels). Seven days later on May 17, 2018 Greenberg Traurig registered the conservative social media platform Parler with John Matze through a company they own called NDMASCENDANT LLC. For those that don’t know Parler is secretly a disinformation and propaganda project for big time GOP donors like the Mercer family and Russia. Now that you guys know this does anyone think that Senator Manchin’s position on nuking the filibuster and his position on the For the People Act could have ANYTHING to do with his top donor?”

  6. -Mage-Knight- says

    Manchin is being praised by Trump. If ever their was a litmus test for being on the wrong side of an issue this is it.

    At first I thought he was simply doing the will of the people of WV (which is just an excuse politicians use when it suits them) but the people of WV seem to be overwhelmingly for election reform as well.

    Maybe is is just an asshole?

  7. thomascgalvin says

    Joe Manchin wants credit for supporting voting rights, but doesn’t want voting rights to actually pass. He’s a Republican in disguise, a threat to Democracy, and an enemy of free and fair elections.

  8. nativedutch says

    Follow rhe money, simple.

  9. gravityaddiction says

    My thought is, what is Manchin doing for America to convince his Republican colleagues that Voting rights are important. I see Machin just standing with republicans rather than attempting to work with them.

  10. Deguilded says

    New rule: if you sponsor a bill you’re an automatic yes vote.

    Fuck these shenanigans.

    Edit: consider that if your answer is “what if they gut/replace/completely change the bill”, maybe that shouldn’t be okay, either.

  11. deaconheel says

    I am all for bipartisanship. I believe the best way to have better democracy is for people to come together and compromise.

    HOWEVER, that belief is dependent on the other side debating in good faith. That is NOT what we currently have here. One party is actively ATTACKING the ability of US Citizens to easily access the ballot box, entirely based on provably false conspiracy theories in an effort to retain power for power’s sake. I want compromise on Infrastructure and defense spending, not the right for Americans to vote.

    Voting is fundamental in American democracy. Our history has been movements about who can and who should vote. We have given groups the right to vote and we have blocked people from voting for decades.

    We MUST change the current definition of BIPARTISANSHIP as they currently see it. COVID Relief was wildly popular with the American people (Democrat voters, Independent voters, and Republican voters), but not a single Republican Senator voted for it. The same is true with the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, Minimum Wage Increases, Infrastructure, etc. There is a BIPARTISAN COALITION OF AMERICAN PEOPLE who support these great bills and ideas for a better and free-er America, including Americans from all over this great country. Everywhere except the Republican caucus, who have decided not to negotiate in good faith and to stand purely as obstructionists to progress.

  12. JudgeMoose says

    At this point, I’m almost convinced Joe Manchin would oppose the abolition of slavery because it was too partisan. Civil rights and human rights are more important than catering to a minority that refuses to act in good faith.

  13. Jerk182 says

    Manchin’s excuses are total bullshit. He’s the Republican’s ace in the hole and I’ll bet he’s not doing this for free.

  14. sturmblast says

    Fuck Joe Manchin. Useless twit.

  15. i-can-sleep-for-days says

    If we can’t get a bill to protect voting rights through the senate because of one senator then we’ve got a much larger, systematic problem. And it looks like we do. This bill should have been easy to pass in a functional democracy. America is truly doomed.

    Biden needs to do more. I am not sure he understands how dire the situation is.

  16. Paganfish says


  17. jello3d says

    Corruption. He knows what he’s doing.

  18. jdmiller82 says

    Manchin is delusional… Republicans are not there to work in a bipartisan fashion. There is no good will with them. They are 100% obstructionists when not in power.

    We don’t negotiate with terrorists, we shouldn’t with Republicans either.

  19. _wok_lobster_ says

    Buddy, you’re not there to represent Mitch and the gang. You’re there too represent WV, and supposedly the bill is pretty popular among your constituents.

  20. I_W_M_Y says

    Manchin got paid off, there is no other explanation other than sudden severe brain damage

  21. Simps5333 says

    I hate this guy. Investigate his daughter for price gouging.

  22. hillbillykim83 says

    I really wish Congress members and Senators would have to wear work jumpsuits just to remind them they work for us, and any corporation donations or large donations would be patches on their jumpsuit. We wouldn’t need legislation to tell us who donated to them, we could just look at their patches. Just a little wish, I know it would never happen.

  23. Nomoremetayo says

    He’s a Republican lite. Get rid of him

  24. KommieChameleon says

    Call me crazy but Bill Clinton steering the Democratic Party right was a bad thing.

  25. atmoscentric says

    He’s been bought, plain and simple.

  26. SkyDaddyGloryHole says

    Fuck this piece of shit clown

  27. Micronator says

    He’s dirty. No other explanation.

  28. 21BlackStars says

    What more is there to say other than fuck joe manchin and his corrupt ass. He’s clearly a piece of shit human being who’s only a politician for personal gain. He doesn’t truly care about people all you have to do is look into his daughters history. Dude is a puckered up asshole who isis in bed with lobbyists and Mitch mcconnel.

  29. prahs17 says

    Polls show that 68 percent of West Virginians support the ‘For the People Act’ so Joe Manchin is now swimming against the tide in his own home state. Joe’s anti-Democratic stance for a lack of a better term (hint of nationalism) could end up being the catalyses for his downfall now that he’s been exposed for who he really is. The ball is in Joe’s court only he can determine what his legacy will be moving forward lets hope he chooses wisely.

  30. BitterFuture says

    This, kids, is what we call “cowardice.”

  31. Kayethis says

    Of course they don’t like it , they’re just changing voting rights at the state level! Just as the commission committee bill putting things in bills that republicans like still doesn’t get yes votes. I’ll lay money down that if this infrastructure bill is negotiated in bipartisan fashion republicans still won’t vote yes!

  32. lloopy says

    I’m hoping that this ends up with “and then he went to prison on bribery charges”, but I fear that won’t happen.

  33. Rdr1051 says

    Joe Manchin is a POS. In other news water is wet.

  34. sevenproxies07 says

    Someone has pics of him with Epstein

  35. TopNFalvors says

    Say goodbye to US Democracy and get ready for a lifetime of Republican rule. With all the anti-voting legislation making the rounds, there is no way Dems will ever hold power again in any significant way. RIP.

  36. MostlyCarbon75 says

    Kind of a turd in the punchbowl, ain’t he.

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