1. UylssesHoraceGrant says

    That homer was nice, but it did nothing for them that game. Go Cubs.

  2. gmoneyy420 says

    ill cheer for him in every game except when he plays the cubs lol

  3. Aclrian says

    Maybe James Shields was a fair trade. 👀

  4. awake283 says

    He ain’t got shit on our boy wisdom

  5. kelpingtonn says

    Similar to Bryce the sook Harper, he is highly overrated at.times.

    Patrick the wiz Wisdom, however is just the man

  6. macbookwhoa says

    So he’ll go 16 for 20 in the playoffs. Thanks.

  7. imatworkimatwork says

    Uggh… I subbed here yesterday because Cubs are my 2nd favorite team.

    This is the first post to make its way to my feed, and of course it’s just pure salt in the wound…

    Great job on whomping us, Cubbies.

  8. peteroh9 says

    His BA this year (and last year) is equivalent to 5/18, for reference.

  9. go_cubbies_ says


  10. jwilla92 says

    Thanks cubs!

  11. Visible-Gas-2754 says

    Trade him….to us

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