1. Casperboy68 says

    The cool thing is that you can cut it in half and it will grow into two full paintings!

  2. RL_Mutt says

    Gross. Awesome. 👍🏻

  3. JupiterRising877 says

    I love how this shows how your eye adapts and fills in the gaps to make the image pop in realism

  4. reconknucktly says

    Is it just me or are those worms having sexy thyme?

  5. seafoodsam says

    Fear is the mind killer.

  6. hutilicious says

    Lifehack #3826:
    1. Buy a worm painting
    2. Buy a brush
    3. Make everyone else think youre an artist by putting one stroke on the painting

  7. Lord_Derpenheim says

    Thanks, I hate it.

  8. sodo9987 says

    And here I thought I was on r/Parahumans and got excited

  9. Rogers1977 says


  10. Birdie121 says

    Love it. I’m a soil ecologist and would love to have paintings like this in my office someday.

  11. SlickBlackCadillac says


  12. absultedpr says

    Anyone else disappointed it wasn’t a sand worm from Dune?

  13. Krom1244 says

    I think I speak for most of us when I say…. Why?

    Lol its impressive and all, but why worms…?

  14. AlmanzoWilder says

    I was Waiting for the Worms.

  15. Iota-Android says

    I’m gonna take a brush to a museum and do this exact same video with 30 pieces

  16. snappyjones says

    Artists love doing those meaningless taps in order to pretend like they just finished it. You don’t need to do that to zoom out.

  17. The_Dacca says

    Oh, worm?

  18. HistoryMistress says

    This grosses me out but great fucking work!

  19. New_Insect_Overlords says

    Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me.

    I’m gonna go eat this painting.

  20. kwecl2 says

    No Earthworm Jim?

  21. Boschala says

    Congrats on the worm porn. Put it up as nsfw next time with a snappy title for maximum karma.

  22. UnidansOtherAcct says

    Worms scare me. Which end is which?

  23. 46550 says

    I was expecting fan art, thinking this was r/parahumans at first. Amazingly well done, even if this wasn’t the worm I thought it would be!

  24. bretstrings says


  25. flyontheviceprez says

    What a bird hangs in its nest

  26. Exotic-Yam-1725 says

    That’s disgustingly amazing. I hate that I love it. And the fact that you put “another” just seals the deal.

  27. Rusto_Dusto says
  28. 64Olds says


  29. Seekersshallfind says


  30. dmcd0415 says

    Can you do a Graboid?

  31. Achylife says


  32. Ammadk says

    My mind went from maybe worm? to Wait elephant? to Oh worm

  33. TheKingOfDub says

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve read that sentence…

  34. fakk12321 says


  35. rampaige_615 says

    Awesome! I want it!

  36. digitalgoodtime says

    Is white paint cheating?

  37. richardsneeze says

    Is this for sale?

  38. Deb6691 says

    Incredibly lifelike, amazing.😃

  39. Fepl31 says

    How did you keep the worm still for that long?

  40. yeetboy says

    Mmmmm, glisteny.

  41. UnkindPotato says

    The while line running down the worms looks weird

  42. kiiandrii says

    Gross. Keep up the good work.

  43. Bob_McFiggins73 says

    Ewwwww… But as a compliment

  44. stormthor says

    WHY THE FUCK IN HELL would you make that? And ANOTHER?

    Fucking perfect btw

  45. KataFuFuu says

    Thanks i hate it

  46. KolkidkeeshdJRF says


  47. super5886 says

    Alright but let’s keep it SFW!

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