1. RadlersJack says

    Dude you cant go around posting pictures of me without permission

  2. PongPlayerNotTheBest says

    What’s a t score

  3. Chimney-head says

    Looks like someone skipped rib day

  4. alicia_lai says

    Bro what about your rib cage and fingers? Weakling

  5. Nroke1 says

    Broccoli, the answer is broccoli.

  6. SealedRoute says

    Lol I work in healthcare and cannot believe you fuckers discovered the T-score. Amazing.

  7. Hypoc- says

    well bet he hasn’t seen me yet

  8. Infiltron says

    Considering that you even got your t-score checked, that isn’t good enough.

  9. Gustav1983 says

    NP here, and I’m about them sexy T-scores!

  10. CurviestOfDads says

    I must know your secrets. Is it injecting calcium directly into your marrow? It it eating chalk?

  11. knoxsyd says

    Damn that skeleton better chill out.

  12. Representative-Move3 says

    Yea, I’m hoping with the amount of testosterone I’ve “supplemented” will cause my bones to be unbreakable. Bone density king status, here I come.

  13. TMcCurCat says

    No muscle. Just #bone

  14. lammingtonjam says

    Average calcium enjoyer

  15. AdelinaIV says

    Can you get me bone boobs?

  16. _regrettableusername says

    Myositis ossificans is no joke!

  17. ThymeCypher says

    Since I’ll probably miss your farewell post, I’ll say it now.
    High T-Score means you are more susceptible to fractures because your bone is too dense to spring back from impacts. This is why diamonds are brittle compared to other less-dense minerals.

  18. Xaynr says

    Mr Chad Skellington

  19. Paradigm6790 says

    The skeleton she tells you not to worry about

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