1. thefrostman1214 says

    here is an [extended version](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF8W_GOVuLA) if anyone want to see

  2. graps says

    Cop: Be about your business

    Kaitlin: *shits pants and passes out*

  3. sheepsleepdeep says

    She **literally** says “but I will have consequences if I go out in there and engage in free speech?”

    I…. I just can’t.

    Holy fucking shit.

  4. _crash0verride says

    Seems like a real shitty person.

  5. faithle55 says


    …is she saying she wants police protection so she can go into a Pride march and insult everyone?

  6. PunterProggie says

    Damn, lol, that lady tried hard to twist the cop’s words so she can paint herself as a victim for the camera and the cop gave her no wiggle room to successfully paint herself as a victim. Oh well, better luck with the next cop whose words she tries to twist so she can convincingly play the victim for Alex Jones’ lunatic followers.

  7. 8ell0 says

    “You’re free to do whatever you like”

    “If I go there I would I have consequences”

    Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences

  8. boomhickey2021 says

    Headline change: Kaitlin Bennet, Who Achieved Internet Fame by Carrying an AR-15 to her Graduation and Then Shit Her Pants Like a Horse in Her Underwear While Passed Out In A Frat Party, Annoys Cop

  9. LDNscallywag says

    Is she the one who shat herself

  10. 4thColour says

    Her condescending “polite” voice is just as fake as the rights reverence towards LEO

  11. Sk8Boardn2Def says

    so you’re telling me if i go piss people off with my annoying interview questions, I have to leave?

    how fucking dense can you be? you’re obviously there to ask stupid questions in hope of triggering people, not to support the function or cause.

    what a cunt.

  12. darkfoxfire says

    “I support you guys!”

    Translation: you’re supposed to be only my side, why am I the one in trouble?

  13. --Justathrowaway says

    What happened to just obeying police orders? Funny that conservatives seem to completely forget about that when the police are saying something they disagree with.

  14. FizzWigget says

    Professional victim

  15. schwenn002 says

    Scum of the earth

  16. hvrock13 says

    The hell does her gun shit have to do with pride lol. She’s clearly there just to start trouble.

  17. WadeDMD says

    That cop was sharp and well-spoken

  18. MpMeowMeow says

    She’s got a crap attitude.

  19. bartino84 says

    Didn’t she poop her pants one time?

  20. 4thColour says

    Conservatives, you realize this is cringe right? I know you do, I know some of you are still reasonable enough to realize the poop girl is cringe

  21. graps says

    Kaitlin: My audience loves cops!

    Her audience: *beats cops on January 6th and is probably doxxing this cop to send him death threats*

  22. taway1NC says

    You mean the poop girl?

  23. MemeTai2000 says

    Very little difference between what comes out of her mouth, and out of her ass. Whether she’s in a frat house or in the streets. smh

  24. Salty_Boyo says

    I saw a video where she was doing her usual routine of being an annoying cunt and the whole crowd was chanting “where’s your diaper”

  25. funpen says

    This girl makes me want to shart and scromit at the same time.

  26. stitbaker says

    I heard that she shat herself at a frat party. Supposedly there is video of it as well. Anybody?

  27. UncleBeausTooth says

    no idea who she is, but man, what an annoying twat

  28. LineOutMaster123 says

    That voice is hard to listen to holy fuck

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