1. Hades710 says

    Masvidal said bye to his facial sweat

  2. CrewMemberNumber6 says

    I’m surprised his jaw didn’t end up in the sixth row. Dauuum.

  3. fresh_gnar_gnar says

    Of “cocky fighter” ???? Lol

    Dunno if youve heard, but it comes with the game. Masvidal is full of respect especially after this one

  4. AaronElsewhere says

    Stupid title is stupid.

  5. Blacbamboo says

    Man I can’t wait for the Colby to get his jaw broken again

  6. CluelessObserver says

    LOL brain damage. Take that cocky man.

  7. Sxeko says


  8. INFAMOUSbillfry says

    Jorge’s soul left his body through his right ear. My man had the exorcist head, turned completely around so he could read the back of his own trunks.

  9. 420farms says

    I hear Chad Ochocinco lost some money on this one!

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