1. CPDjack says

    Literally nobody would have believed them if they weren’t recording…

    *”So yeah me and the boys are shooting hoops when I decided to yeet a family sized bottle of Coke in the air. Anyway, it lands and then takes off like a rocket before going straight into the net.”*

  2. hiirogen says

    Catch you on the flippity flip

  3. rickshawJOJO says

    Music layered ontop of short videos is the worst thing to happen in recent history. It’s just terrible

  4. dangerzzzzoneee says

    Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants.

  5. rinseanddelete says

    Someone get Captain Disillusion on the case!

  6. TheBigMeowskie says

    r/praisethecameraman for sure, holy hell

  7. Euklidis says

    I wonder how many colas they had tp buy to get this one right

  8. cech_ says

    Whats this weird blue thing. Now that I saw it when I watch I always see it. [https://imgur.com/gE1gHZN](https://imgur.com/gE1gHZN)

  9. Steakwizwit says

    This goes in but Embiid’s shot rimmed out. Wtf.

  10. lilpopjim0 says

    I am continuing the useless fight of down voting videos with music over the top when it’s not needed.

  11. DrBatman0 says


  12. Poyota_Trius says

    Next basketball dude is going to be like: “why is the rim all sticky?”

  13. canadianmatt says

    It’s really well done
    But it’s always suspect when something leaves frame

    Why didn’t the camera man tilt up with the bottle?!
    And he pans straight to the basket

    It’s really well done but my guess is they had a guy throw a three pointer with a mostly full bottle….

    Must have take a long time to get this right though…
    And the bottle takeoff is amazing! – I have to imagine that’s a separate element as well – but the physics on it is really well done.
    Edit: by physics I mean either: the timing and spacing on the animation, OR they set something up on the bounce site, like a mentos rocket

    It’s probably the mentos rocket https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JuPSDuS3UiA

  14. daswareinbefehl says

    that tarmac be sticky for a month

  15. struddles100 says

    Because it exploded?

  16. [deleted] says


  17. pipiopi says

    What song is this?

  18. imma_bear_etc says


  19. RoundCat says

    What’s with the wobbling with the clouds at the end?


    Shouldn’t “Kobe” technically just be something dropped from a high place that then goes splat on the ground?

  21. RockyL15 says

    Oh I thought it was going to slam into the side of a wall.

  22. pooponascoop says

    I don’t think it made it in the hoop.

  23. BlakeJ925 says

    As it hits the ground, the label comes off. Next frame, the label is on the bottle and the ground. Seems fake, correct me if I’m wrong.

  24. dildosandwhiches says

    Two videos spliced together. Almost got me.

  25. sirmoveon says

    The NBA is trying to take this video off the internet.

  26. chunkysoup5 says


  27. henbutton says

    I officially call on Dude Perfect to retire their channel until they are able to replicate this

  28. bmwwest23 says

    By the name of the title, I thought he wasn’t gonna make it.

  29. UnDead_Ted says

    Just cause it crashed, damn bro

  30. Dimplestrabe says

    This GIF is reversed.

  31. The_Gator_Man says


  32. Strude187 says

    r/praisethecameraman seriously I know it goes out of frame for a split second but the tracking is amazing for an amateur.

  33. YouNoMoustacheHaving says

    Kobe drank sprite

  34. Just-2019-baby says

    Reminder that Kobe is a rapist.

  35. kek_provides_ says

    Fake, is my guess.

    Red herring: When the bottle pops and shoots off, the camera does not follow it immediately, which is correct, because how would the person know it was going to happen, or what direction it would go.

    No, the clue is that the camera does not pan UPWARDS, even though that is the only direction they KNEW it was going to shoot. So they track it laterally, but ignore the altitude.

    In doing so the bottle is lost from the frame, and comes back down into the hoop.

    Why would you not attempt to follow the arc of the bottle as it rockets into the sky? Because you WANT to lose it out the top of your frame.

  36. Boat-Putrid says

    Why Kobe? Because it flew up and hit the ground and exploded?

  37. Germ843 says

    When he said Kobe, I thought he was going to spin around a bunch of times and blow up.

  38. neeesus says

    Kobe didn’t fake any of his field goals.

  39. ILoveSharting says

    Piece of shit made the court and net all sticky now. Also wasted a good bottle of coke.

  40. Rx792p says

    Cameraman is the real mvp!!!!!!

  41. wtfever2k17 says

    Oh, it goes off frame and then in the basket! Super cool! Super real!

  42. bhfroh says

    RIP Mamba

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