1. autotldr says

    This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://appleinsider.com/articles/21/06/07/lawsuit-claims-ios-14-battery-drain-bug-is-example-of-planned-obsolescence) reduced by 74%. (I’m a bot)
    > Apple has been hit with a lawsuit claiming that recent iOS software updates "Damaged iPhones by dramatically lowing processing speeds and battery life.”

    > The lawsuit claims that a slew of users have been reporting problems with iOS 14.5, iOS 14.5.1, and iOS 14.6 related to performance throttling and battery drain.

    > The lawsuit alleges that "Degrading device performance ahead of product launches may also allow Apple to drum up demand for faster phones with longer battery life.”

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  2. broccolisprout says

    #Reset the network settings

    This solves it for my first edition iPhone SE. Has to be done after every update though.

  3. dolphin37 says

    I thought apple already admitted this years ago? But tried to defend it by saying it’s just limitations of their battery technology that they ‘plan’ around in advance of them actually dying

    My old iPhone has had wifi disabled on it and I can’t use it unless it’s on charge lol

  4. rattpackfan301 says

    The inability to remove the battery without specialized tools in itself is planned obsolescence.

  5. eggimage says

    I guess iphones getting 7 years of support while android flagships get like 2 years or less on average is planned obsolescence too

  6. RejZoR says

    It’s funny I constantly read how evil Apple constantly does planned obsolescence shit, yet it’s the only phone brand to offer full 5 years of major OS updates for their phones, has battery health features in place to extend battery long term life by predicting your charging habits automatically, included throttling when battery is so shot it can’t even power the phone anymore and yet it was all miscommunicated as “planned obsolescence” by clueless idiots who don’t understand a single thing about li-ion batteries and how that affects use of device.

    Why would a vendor like Apple go through all this throuble to make phones obsolete sooner by giving it features and support to extend their life? How is throttling of chipset so it doesn’t trip the lowest voltage levels in battery and make phone functional, worse than phone randomly dying coz it trips battery’s voltage level past the point of sustaining it? People are dumb, but social networks outrage is something they are all good at. Coz you can post dumb shit without any thinking.

    Yet somehow no one ever questions planned obsolescence on Android phones where 2 years of major OS updates is all you get and everyone wants you to buy new device to get new major OS updates. That’s somehow not questioned by anyone. Wtf?

  7. cm0011 says

    Why would this be when they still continue to support iPhone 6s, and made a big update in iOS 12 to better support older phones? They have shown no signs to be fans of making old phones obsolete.

  8. RipDove says

    Just saying, you can file a lawsuit that says anything, doesn’t mean there’s any merit to it. Just because a lawyer wrote it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

    I don’t understand how people think batteries work. After just a year of every-day usage, your typical batter is going to lose almost 60% it’s max capacity.

    Like, you can’t have a drop-proof phone, that’s also water proof, has near zero parallaxing, be touch-screen, AND have an changable battery. It’s just not possible.

    “zero gaps” means the phone is sonically welded, with near-zero gaps, and sealed with semi-pressurized nitrogen so what minor, or micro, gaps there are; they don’t shift the pieces around when the phone is dropped. This doesn’t work with a battery that’s removable. Don’t buy a fucking iPhone if that shit bothers you.


    **Edit** cuz I know I’ll have to say this a lot.

    The “60%” was an Rhetorical exaggeration to make a point, because different sizes of batteries are different; but Li-Io batteries discharge at non-linear rates based on it’s max, and current, capacity.

    Example (this is a hypothetical idle): the first 60% of your usage will happen over the first 12 hours, while last 40% might last you 30 hours.

    This can diminish over time as the battery might, in what I can only describe as Retrograde Efficiency- lose max capacity but get to the point of the first 12 hours being only 40% usage, but the remaining 60% only lasts you another 20 hours.

    This happens at a steady rate and might not be noticable, especially over the course of just a day or two, but it is happening.

  9. brodoyouevenscript says

    So they slowed it down to maintain battery length and got in trouble, then they stopped slowing it down and are in trouble again? You people.

    Batteries fucking get old. The real problem here is Apple is doing everything in their power to make sure you can’t replace the battery.

  10. delebojr says

    iOS 15 fixes the bug. That’s quite the opposite of planned obsolescence, if you ask me.

  11. jucasthelucas says

    I don’t understand the people who want 5 years out of a rechargeable battery that’s constantly getting plugged in and unplugged all day long. What people really need to be chasing is the right to repair. Not expect miracles from tech.

  12. ElCapitanAbrasivo says

    The battery will inevitably degrade.
    The “crime” IMO was their transparency (none) and the difficulty and the cost of replacing the battery for someone that wasn’t upsold AppleCare.

    They totally did it the way they did to soak people as much as they could.

  13. 1_p_freely says

    I remember on a lot of Android phones, I had to kill (and disable) the media scanner process, because if you have a massive media collection on the phone, it will chew the battery down to nothing over a period of 6 hours or so. You can even feel the phone being slightly warm because of the workload.

    This is some of the fallout from a world where the average computer user has been dumbed down by corporations to not know how to use a file manager and organize their stuff. Also in true software engineering fassion, disabling the media indexing service causes stuff that should be completely unrelated to it to cease to function, like the service that manages file downloads.

  14. Jim_from_snowy_river says

    You either get a thin phone or a big battery. You can’t have both.

  15. uncle_paul_harrghis says

    Totally anecdotal, I know; but I’ve never had a problem with *any* phone I’ve ever owned. Well, at least outside of known bugs or whatever…I’ve had damn near every iPhone from 3GS onwards and have occasionally flip flopped to an LG, Samsung or OnePlus if I’m ever bored with iOS. Money’s been tight so I’ve had to sacrifice my phone nerdom, I’ve been iPhone only since the 7 – so I can’t speak for new android releases. But I really feel a lot of these issues and “QOL” grievances come down to individuals not really taking care of their phones. Or, at the very least, not understanding them.

    While I also understand that planned obsolescence is/was a thing; I don’t believe it’s happening with modern cell phones, at least not to the degree that we see these complaints and lawsuits – which is almost yearly at this point.

  16. tacohungry says

    Not this crap again.. Dude they are literally supporting 5 + year phones (iphone 6s!) still! iOS 15 will be compatible. This so called “planned obsolescence” is absolute non-sense. Stop going after Apple and focus on all of the Android manufacturers that leave consumers high an dry less than 1 – 2 years with ZERO update support. As an android users it’s fucking bullshit to be left out in the cold and having to rely on and HOPE a community forms around each new device in order to get updates. Something needs to change.

  17. butterize says

    do people here actually experience this? if so what version and phone. I’m on iOS 14.6 on an XS max and the battery drain is normal. (My battery health is 93 and has been for a while, I’ve had this phone since mid 2019)

    The last time I remember awful battery drain was when 13 came out, but after some update it was fixed.

  18. BlazerStoner says

    Frivolous lawsuits are usually frowned upon in court

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