1. farmer_villager says

    Then go touch some sand

  2. raddaya says

    What’s the context of “go touch some grass”?

  3. qwopperi says


  4. EggyParsley says

    Jesus christ this guys ruthless

  5. MagicMisterLemon says

    Burned him harder than the midday sun did the ground itself

  6. Iam_depressed says

    Desert bois, represent!

  7. Lore_of_metal says

    Amcshually the Arabian Red Fox is native to the Arabian Peninsuala, it doesn’t live in the sahara destert.

  8. Godspeedu says

    Damn this guy burned the guy so hard that there was nothing left of the poor guy😂😂

  9. EUCopyrightComittee says

    George orwin animal crossing

  10. Derphunk says

    My man was burned harder than SCP-001, god damn.

  11. ZippZappZippty says

    Wacky flailing inflatable desert witch

  12. colgateexpert says

    How is the whole “touch grass” thing any different than saying “go outside”?

  13. _pischyy_jr_ says

    “I don’t care which universe you come from, that’s gonna hurt”

  14. Enby-Cat says

    Fennecs are the best canidaes

  15. GameShibe says

    ngl I like fennec doge

  16. jakethedumbmistake says

    >crunchy friend

    What’s your responsibility”

  17. ZippZappZippty says

    Crazy enough, if you own or rent.

  18. XTheLegendProX says

    It’s like they stopped giving a shit.

  19. nine_thousands says

    *That shit hurted*

  20. Cactuxs says

    you took the time to make this meme? go touch some sand

  21. Greenbloxs says

    Why not dive in sea water?

  22. agabcharif says

    hey, that’s my country’s mascot

  23. jakethedumbmistake says

    That was Grace, who’s had a skin full.

  24. LuckyArceus says

    Touch the hoe’s dick instead.

  25. Praydaythemice says

    Touch sand doggo

  26. Ozensiz says

    Jesus calm down my guy

  27. GrifffyXD says


  28. CallMeJessie says

    I thought “hoes” said “horse” and my mind immediately jumped to enumclaw

  29. CarsGunsBeer says

    Retard! Sahara means desert. So saying Sahara Desert is like saying Desert Desert. Cringe ass uneducated desert animal.

  30. DuelWieldingTanks says

    I fucking spat out my juice after seeing this

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