1. Wastedpotent1al says

    Clearly staged why would he randomly walk away and the other hyena just happened to be recording huh.

  2. Amang-Ki says

    And it simply jumps up the tree with what’s probably the double of its weight..

  3. hatschi_gesundheit says

    In the animal kingdom, this is widely considered a dick move.

  4. crazylegs888 says

    What the heck was the Hyena doing?

    Is there a second one down there?

  5. trickster1979 says

    I noticed how much broader the hyena was compared to the leopard and how easy he jumped up the tree but the hyena can’t. Nature is epic take my upvote..

  6. SillyDude93 says

    For people thinking why doesn’t Leopard just take on a Hyena, please check their bite force and brute strength. It has a massive difference. Only way a Leopard can keep a kill from Hyena or a lion is on trees.

  7. Food-Eater says

    Hyenas are fucking big. Holy shit

  8. mr_exciting says

    I might start doing this at work.

  9. roosevelt_2003 says

    I saw that documentary few years ago, the video has been cut, the leopard was the one that got the prey and the hyena came after to steal a piece

  10. beepboop_reddit says

    My cat does the same thing when he steals a piece of chicken off plate- right up his condo to perch with his prey

  11. DynamiteRDC says

    Maybe it was the leopards kill in yhe first place. Hyenas dont exactly have a good track record you know.

  12. stowaway36 says

    That was slick, but a good way to have your tail de-gloved

  13. Rolf_Krumbakken says

    Who’s laughing now…….

  14. Chookwrangler1000 says

    Risky move cotton, seems to have payed out

  15. Innaressin says

    Hyenas get such a bad rap as the annoyer of the big cats…but you gotta admire their grit. They know they’re not the stealthy pouncers but they don’t back down from the daily lunch fight.

  16. DrMonkeyLove says

    Jesus, I guess I never realized how *big* hyenas are. Damn, I feel like the Lion King didn’t quite capture their size properly.

  17. B3sti says

    Me when this comes up in a leopard documentary: you go king!

    Me when this comes up in a hyena documentary: Janice, where’s my poaching gear?

  18. carebearstarefear says

    That’s some powerful teeth…homie just pulled 25+kg with his teeth and climbed the fucking tree. r/madlads

  19. greeperfi says

    I went on a safari and on day 3 a giraffe had been very recently killed by a snakebite. We parked the jeep and watched for 6 hours as the hierarchy was revealed. First buzzards came and then other buzzards as far away as other countries noticed flight patterns and started coming until they were everywhere. Hyenas watching the sky knew what was up, they followed the flight patterns to triangulate location, and were there quickly to get the innards, which they got by going through the rectum (I know, right? You haven’t seen anything til you’ve seen a dog sticking his head 3 feet up a giraffe’s ass.) Pretty soon The lions came and it was game over. A few scuffles but no one was gonna mess with them eating lunch.

  20. [deleted] says


  21. the_wildelk says

    What did the hyena take and eat when it turned around?

    That hyena looked jacked

  22. nwolve says

    Uno reverse ?

  23. PrehistoricPorcupine says

    This is probably pretty stupid, but I hadn’t realised how big hyenas were. Wow.

  24. kunaguerooo123 says

    Just in my treehouse enjoying my steak

  25. strappatigno says

    The hyena be like: “son of a…”

  26. DMTrance87 says

    Deserved it… why the fuck did he just walk away?

    At that point the leopard was like “Yup! Mine!”

  27. CrabPplCrabPpl says

    Imagine the strength it would take to jump up a god damn tree in 2 seconds while holding a deer in your teeth.

  28. AwHellNaw says

    Most likely it was originally the leopards lunch and he’s just regaining possession from the thieving Hyena.

  29. stlbread says

    “ay bro can i get some of those?”

    “just one bite”

  30. Bitter_Mongoose says

    Pretty sure this is happening backwards ftom the caption.

    Hear me out- hyenas are known for stealing another predators kill, and in the beginning of the clip, the leopard is defending the kill from the hyena, who takes a bite and runs off.

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