Leveling Up Your Nutritional Routine Just Got Way Easier


You’ve optimized your fitness routine, your work from home office setup and your hi-fi audio system — why haven’t you optimized your nutritional routine as well? If your answer is “I take vitamins,” then you’re missing the point. One-size-fits-all multivitamins, by nature of needing to appeal to everyone, aren’t formulated to give you the nutrients that you need. That’s why Rootine developed its unique take on multivitamins, which optimizes cellular nutrition through data and personalization. Rootine leverages a “test, take and track” approach, which is developed by an AI that factors in your DNA, blood and lifestyle test results. But that’s only part of the equation. The brand then makes use of its microbead form factor to allow for precision dosing and give you exactly the nutrients that your body needs. Optimizing your nutritional routine just got much easier.

    Price: $69+/month


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