1. p3yt6n says

    Basically everyone just paid for 30 minutes of hugging when pornhub is free and you get an even better experience

  2. John_Slim says

    More hugs than punches i feel robbed after pirating it ffs

  3. dukehyper1 says

    Highlight of Fight :

    17% staring at each other
    3% punching each other
    80% hugging each other

    Felt bad for people who paid for this.

  4. yahiafarrag2711 says

    Haven’t watched it what happened? Who won?

  5. JuicyPears92 says

    Logan did way better than what I was expecting lmfao

  6. Notseriousrelax says

    Damn that was quick

  7. SlimShadyReaper says

    Can’t even feel bad for the people who paid for it. Wtf were you thinking?

  8. jimmayy5 says

    Damn that was quick asf. Winner hasn’t even been announced and there’s memes

  9. theRunescapelegend27 says

    Props to Logan honestly, he did well against “the greatest boxer ever”, lasted the 8 round and proved many people wrong

  10. CiruQT says

    Y’all really expected an anime fight lmao Mayweather was always a very defensive boxer and it was obvious that Logan wasn’t going to be able to do much anyways

  11. Abortedjesus69 says

    Watched it illegally and still feel robbed

  12. SurealGamingHq says

    fuckin fax dude they where huggin each other the entire match

  13. Slasher2k22 says

    I don’t know who hugs more Logan or my mom

  14. esisenore says

    Floyd got his bag, a minor workout, didn’t get humiliated; paul got to say he went toe to toe with one of the greats.

    It was a business deal with the losers being the people who paid

  15. unlucky-unlucky says

    It’s entertainment it’s not all about winning it was cool to see floyd in the ring again. It was fun dude

  16. i-dont-know-who-am-i says

    The perfect award

  17. b1ack_dice says

    Now kiss the bride 👰‍♂️😘

  18. goku_87 says

    Props to logan tho he did ate few shots and landed some too can’t take that away from him

  19. richie_rik says

    This fight is an L for Floyd. He could not knock out Logan that’s an L right there.

  20. LocalPHATdude says

    To be honest JJ could have beaten Logan again I bet and mayweather did that, it’s kinda sad ngl

  21. BlaiseWhite says


  22. GamingwithYUNAL says

    To be fair both fought well, even though Floyd had the numbers

  23. Demondecap says

    This ones going to the moon

  24. DiligentPerformer80 says

    Who actually won?

  25. bobbyshmurda_ says

    They forgot to kiss

  26. GTM_92 says

    Wait Logan is taller

  27. maaz8384 says

    i feel robed after pirating it

  28. jsav_m21 says



    Summaries the entire match 😂

  30. Phoenixall says

    Why is Logan shorter than floyd

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