1. kevsuds says

    could HAVE been worse

  2. W212009599 says

    the dog I see as the coach, or medical member.

  3. BurnOutBrighter6 says

    Could have*

    Out loud “could’ve” sounds like “could of”, but it’s not.

  4. Kayjaid says

    Yeah it could’ve been his real dad. We all know those were step-dad reflexes.

  5. Bakufuranbu says

    this kid has better headshot ratio than me

  6. RJPeaches says

    *I lerve ewe deddy! Please dern die!*

  7. [deleted] says


  8. CozyMoses says

    Dogs coming over to finish the job

  9. StopBeingASpclSnwflk says

    David and Goliath colorized

  10. IveSeenWayWorse says

    I’ve seen way worse

  11. LucidLV says

    GOOD BOY!! I mean the dog, screw that brat.

  12. AbrahamBlumpkin says

    Damn good swing.

  13. bestneighbourever says

    Dad- keep your glove up!

  14. wesleyheath says

    Could have been worse? Really? *How*? I hear the ball ricochet off his skull and dad’s laying on the ground with a possible traumatic brain injury… how, exactly, could this have been worse?

  15. ParanoidGnome says

    “After that, dad went to go get some cigarettes at the store. Haven’t seen him since.”

  16. chasingjulian says

    Wear a mitt.

  17. afroschlan says

    Not expected from a wee boy.. but a valuable lesson was learned that day. Dad’s going to be rich when the boy is older! ..that and also wear a mask..

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