1. Jmgler says


  2. T0YBOY says

    The fap hand of divinity

  3. Macka4213 says

    (Giggity, but is an entire speech)

  4. BoberttheD says

    The man went so hard he forgot to use the tissue 😂

  5. HoneydewExternal8827 says

    “Giggidy, giggidy, you filthy mortals!”

  6. kaka_carrot_cake456 says

    I don’t understand

    He isn’t a toilet

  7. poseidon2466 says

    So why did you this transformation work? Mortal + immortal= immortal right?

  8. AUI_Gogito says

    Psst, wrong hand

  9. vox21122112 says

    He found a reason to keep humans around after all

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