1. Feeling_Duck says

    I thought the dude pulled the ladder

  2. Banana_Ram_You says

    …yea that dude’s not okay. Gonna be feeling that for a long time.

  3. wwwdotusernamedotorg says

    Ladder hold fail. Dads everywhere look on in shame.

  4. Carbon1te says

    He is definitely NOT ok. I’ve been in construction for decades. At minimum he has a badly bruised hip. Possibly broken/dislocated. While not dead, he will be limping for months and never quite the same.

  5. BerriedTwo says

    I’m glad he’s ok.

  6. [deleted] says


  7. elchilidog says

    dude has on a safety harness not tied off to anything.

  8. V3itnomtom says

    At least the ladder didn’t catch his leg

  9. thesouthernbeard says

    This is why you wear a harness. Fall safety folks

  10. CptPieGuy says

    His hat popped off like a Mr. Potato Head getting chucked at a wall by a 3 year old.

  11. FoggyPockets says

    He good. Boots stayed on!!

  12. Big_Classic_2149 says

    Good job holding the ladder!! He really earned his salary!!

  13. Atlhou says

    Cut from top, down. Could’ve guided it.

  14. WarmChocolate3 says

    Bitch wearing that Air Nomad drip 💧

  15. blaqcatdrum says

    Good thing he had on his hard hat.

  16. henryhyde says

    He is ok based on…?

  17. ZeraTM says

    Ladder really said I’m bouta head out on yo ass😂

  18. No-Salamander-3218 says

    That’s not how you spot a fucking ladder

  19. AaronicNation says

    That’s a good way to bruise your coccyx.

  20. gnosisisong says

    the ladder shoudlve been leaning against the wall to the right of the beam for this move. failure was on the cutter not anticipating the fall,not the ladder holder.

  21. beefnard0 says

    There was a perfectly good scissor lift underneath that beam. Guess he just wanted to fall.

  22. chrstphrcthbrt says

    So what was the rope for???

  23. cesarer92 says

    That’s gonna hurt a lot in the morning

  24. QuaidCohagen says

    It’s nice that he’s right next to an aerial work platform which he could have used and not got hurt at all

  25. financeguyjohn4 says

    Thanks for tending the ladder, not… .

  26. Edz0rz0r says

    I think he broke his ass bone.

  27. Online_User says

    Thank god his buddy was there holding the ladder.

  28. analognyc says

    This title doesn’t make sense

  29. OhioGreenBear says

    Wow – good thing he had someone holding the ladder. Oh wait. . .

  30. Person1243758 says

    Looks like a solid move

  31. tone63 says

    Why didn’t he stay in the lift, the beam fell away from it.

  32. tone63 says

    Non-union I’m guessing.

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