1. ilikethemaymays says

    The original gif had an additional 3 or 4 seconds before he bit the bottle cap off, where he just glares into the camera with a gnat crawling on his upper lip before blowing it away to remove the bottle cap.

    Edit: t’was a termite

    Edit II: [Original gif](https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/nqvjr5/just_redneck_things/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)

  2. ulvain says

    You know how you look at Michael Phelps’ physique, his attributes, his feet, his torso, and you go “yup, that’s exactly how being at the very top of your game looks” for swimming?

    Well that, but for skills displayed in this gif.

  3. anywhereat says

    Haircut checks out.

  4. five7off says

    How does this video feel “muggy”?

    Feels like I need to go take a shower.

  5. MsJacq says

    I don’t even have to know the context to know that this person is an Australian lol.

  6. allwillfreeze says

    And here we have, the bogan. Sporting his, greasy, blonde mullet, topless in the Australian heat. Nothing stands in his way, in his quest, to quench his thirst. The Carlton ~~dry~~ cold in his hand, couldn’t be any colder.

    The quicker he can down the stubbie, the quicker he can open another one. A technique only known to fellow bogans, he enjoys his beverage, and filling his stomach at the same time.

    At this pace, the bogans quest for quenching his thirst shall be met in due time. Before he blacks out drunk though? Only time will tell.

  7. tvuvw1 says

    So many impressive techniques, the bottle cap release with the teeth, the tornado, the chugging ability. 10/10

  8. neilio83 says

    That’s a poor mans version of this absolute champions trick https://mobile.twitter.com/PeteBlackburn/status/1377414130135527425

  9. monkey_trumpets says

    This guy looks like Billy’s (from Stranger Things) drunk cousin.

  10. greg-maddux says

    I destroyed my teeth doing that shit. Don’t do this. You only get one set and they cost an arm and a leg to fix or replace. Not to mention the level of anxiety that comes with feeling fucked up teeth in your mouth all day every day.

  11. OMFGitsST6 says

    My teeth hurt just watching this

  12. TruePatricianTaste says


  13. keyserv says

    That’s just a professional alcoholic.

  14. Mathewthegreat says

    “I have a very particular skill set”

  15. doctorwho5555 says

    This guy is just wannabe [Pangzai (starts at 2:28)](https://youtu.be/OOdkoFeppyg).

  16. Lockdowns_are_evil says

    This species is known as *boganus cuntus*. It is a parasite. Not typically seen during the day, unless it makes a rare appearence at the Centrelink office. Typically found barefoot in bottleshops — or as they call it, ‘bottle-Os’ – during the evenings, before returning to its dwelling by nightfall.

  17. magic7s says

    Damm dude, save some cousins for the rest of us.

  18. enmadaimo says


  19. RamsesThePigeon says

    … Alright, I need to try this.

    I don’t drink much, but mastering this trick would certainly allow me to drink *efficiently*.

    **Edit:** Well, [I made an attempt](https://youtu.be/EIvr_MS0e4M)…

  20. personalhale says

    Bogan or Southern US redneck? Hard to tell.

  21. -Miss__Information- says

    At least it’s Carlton Dry this time, and not Great Northern.

  22. barnorth says

    Making trailer parks everywhere proud

  23. Bloued says

    Speedrunning getting drunk any%

  24. Thrantar says

    Physics up front, party in the back!

  25. PlortimusPrime says

    Ah, I love being Australian

  26. Grimlock_1 says


  27. Heretical_Demigod says

    Billy is looking rough after that third season of stranger things.

  28. bx_27 says

    I am disgusted

  29. shyboy87 says

    “It’s not a haircut, it’s a lifestyle.”

  30. M3ttl3r says

    That might be in the top 10 of most redneck things I’ve ever seen in my life.

    That being said I love it and that dude looks like he’s fun to party with.

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