1. wish1977 says

    Stop the presses. A stupid person doesn’t believe in evolution.

  2. BeatUpPoon says

    You mean you don’t *understand* evolution.

  3. Techienickie says

    She thought, “my name isn’t trending, I’ll say something stupid”

    Edit: please jeebus don’t make a post about this troll my most upvoted comment of all time.

    Edit #2: please down vote me, and this whole post.

  4. Galadyn says

    “I don’t believe in evolution, because conservative Christians wouldn’t vote for me if I did” -FTFY

  5. winduken says

    Remarkable. We are living in a time when the coronavirus is mutating to create new variants constantly. That is Evolution in real time.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene is a prototypical member of Bobby Jindal’s Stupid Party or the modern Republican Party.

  6. TheBirminghamBear says

    To this day nothing makes me laugh more than that Christian propaganda video “disproving” evolution by saying that since life never spontaneously generates in peanut butter jars in a grocery store, evolution can’t be real.

    535 people make up the legislative body that create laws for the 360 million people in America and this bottom-of-the-barrel fucking imbecile who considers that a valid argument against the scientific principles that underlay our entire study of biology – study which has led to countless advances in numerous fields of science including medicine – and *this* pants-shitting idiot from the 1th percentile of IQs of Colorodans is one of those 535 elites.

    EDIT: [The video, for anyone interested](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZFG5PKw504).

  7. NickNitro19 says

    It doesn’t matter sweetie. Science doesn’t work like religion. The laws of the universe don’t require your beliefs to work.

  8. antzvsabugslife says

    As a Neanderthal walking among humans, you would think she understands evolution.

  9. roughingupthesuspect says

    There was a time when humans read books for knowledge and studied things with experimentation and the collection of data… But we have evolved and now use google.

  10. LilySundae says

    “I don’t believe in things that have proof or evidence”

    -MGT, probably

  11. UnitaryWarringtonCat says

    HuffPo really doesn’t need to keep giving this woman a platform, or push Steve Bannon’s terrible podcast.

  12. hkjok says

    As Ross would say –

    Evolution is not for you to buy, Phoebe. Evolution is scientific fact, like, like, like the air we breathe, like gravity. Phoebe: Oh, okay, don’t get me started on gravity. Ross: You uh, you don’t believe in gravity?

  13. Hobo_Code says

    “I believe God created me in one day”. “Yeah, looks like He rushed it.”

    – Bill Hicks

  14. BardunR says

    In contrast to the Bible, science is nothing to believe in.

    On the other hand I’m not surprised that she doesn’t believe in proven facts.

  15. we_belong_dead says

    *Creationism?* Did I fall asleep and wake up in 2010?

  16. LD-50_Cent says

    Just about the least surprising position I could see her taking. Of course she doesn’t accept evolution. Denying reality is her specialty.

  17. oldnjgal says

    If she goes by the “I am created in God’s image” belief, then God just lost a lot of respect.

  18. uping1965 says

    They don’t believe lots of science because it gets in the way of their bible being unquestioned.

  19. Outside_Break says

    Course she doesn’t

  20. Pure_Woods says

    Biology is the only science that butts up against people’s religious ideas. You don’t hear anyone saying they don’t believe in Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure or the Second Law of Thermodynamics is “so-called science”. Only the Theory of Evolution is under question, which happens to be the most supported theory in science due to this constant push back. How convenient to cherry pick what you found to be problematic, all while sitting in her armchair

  21. superfluid says

    > An estimated 40% of Americans believe God created humans as described in the Bible, according to a 2019 poll.

    We’re some dumb motherfuckers.

  22. goofberries says

    I dont believe in MTG, but that sadly doesnt mean she doesnt exist. Belief does not negate fact.

  23. rubricsobriquet says

    “If evolution is real, explain me.” – Marjorie Taylor Green

  24. clancy0001 says

    “Don’t believe in evolution” ??

    In her little corner of Georgia (where she ran unopposed) the vast majority of people believe exactly as she does. Which is also true for most rural districts across in this country. Wide swaths of this nation live in a cultural 1950s world.

    This is America in the year 2021.

  25. gratefulphish420 says

    Just think trump, matt gaetz and her are the faces of the republican party, who in their right minds would want to vote republican ever again?

  26. MidgetFightingLeague says

    She does however believe in life after love.

  27. realnicky2tymes says

    “I’m super surprised.” – no one

  28. LazyDynamite says

    “I deny basic facts”

  29. TheBaddestPatsy says

    I’ll never get over the fact that people like this have substantial power over policies that effect climate change and medical treatment.

  30. Trifle_Old says

    Best part about science is that it’s true even without your belief.

  31. bierdimpfe says

    > Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.

    ― Isaac Asimov

  32. Ifyouwerentmyson says

    Georgia district 14 education on display. Wow.

  33. stephen_madden says

    “I don’t believe in planets or stars beyond our solar system either. God created the earth. The sun revolves around the earth. All of it in 7 days.”
    Dumb ass!

  34. Beneficial-Device-20 says

    An extra interesting comment when your brain is still primordial ooze.

  35. pighalf says

    Perhaps it’s hard for her to come to terms with the fact that she evolved from a thumb

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