1. NeedaSaviorHere says

    Yeah right, as if that would ever happen.

  2. call_of_the_while says

    Your future wife calls you a funny little boy.

  3. bluezuccini69 says

    Youngling calls you master: *doom music intensifies*

  4. InevitableSoundOf says

    General Kenobi calls you “Hello there”

  5. theDefa1t says

    A black woman called me baby once. It’s felt fucking amazing. She didn’t know it but she made my day with a single word. Christ I’m lonely

  6. Hamfistbumhole says

    Australian calls you “cunt”

  7. HGMIV926 says

    I’m a tech support agent in the US, and sometimes I take calls from Britain or Ireland or Scotland, sometimes even Australia if I get lucky enough.

    I *love* it when I get a call from y’all overseas. First off, your street and city names are absolutely *bonkers.*. I’ll ask someone for an address and they’ll give me “124 North Chestertonfield Drive, Valley Adjacent The Hill, England” or some crazy Hobbit town name.

    Also, of course I love the accents! I’m partial to the Irish accent though, it has a sing-songy tone to it that has a nice flow in to my ear.

    And as a big Shaun of the Dead fan, I find it particularly appealing when I hear “bye, bye bye, bye bye bye”, at the end of a phone call, because I didn’t know that was an actual thing until it happened to me multiple times.

    It always gets real fun around election time because I get to hear their opinions on our politics. I won’t go in to my views or anything and don’t want to start anything up, but hearing what others think of the circus that is political theater in the US is fascinating and, well, humorous.

  8. nextlevelkindofguy says

    Kebab guy calls you boss

  9. Sjdillon10 says

    I’ll be honest I’ll take the top 4 first

  10. John_The_Foot says

    If a guy calls you son, he’s either really nice and likes you or shits about to get real.

    “Hey there son, can I get a meatball parm?”
    “Oh, son, let me tell you…”

  11. AutismoTheExalted says

    Forgot mexican abuelas calling you “mijo”

  12. kevlar20 says

    Yeah but old Hispanic woman calls you Mijo…

  13. thejillsandwitch says

    Citizen calls you Senate!

  14. beatboxbilliam says

    This is where the fun begins

  15. Vexxing-guy says

    A cyborg with asthma calls you “General Kenobi.”

  16. Testomorph says

    Biggest guy in the gym calls you big man!

  17. rpmva2019 says

    Add another row for when grievous calls you general Kenobi

  18. NorthCatan says

    I’ve been called everything, everything but master. It’s just not fair!

  19. belayerslayer says

    Obi Wan calls you the Chosen One

  20. Rekrios says

    An older black lady called me honey and… I felt some kind of special way I’m not gonna lie.

  21. RedBanana99 says

    Brit here, there’s also:
    * Duck (Nottinghamshire)
    * Lover (Somerset)
    * Hen (Scotland)
    * Sweet (Varies)
    * Mucker (Central)
    * Bach (Wales)
    * Annwyl (Wales)
    * Flower (varies)
    * Chara (Ireland)

  22. Gasper753 says

    Mace Windu calls me homie

  23. Responsible-Duck4158 says

    Elder Black man calls you young blood ☺️🤯

  24. SlavicCreamPie says

    Old white man calls you “The oriental in the back”

    True story.

  25. Flyers45432 says

    There was a cool black guy I used to see at work who used to call me young blood. That was awesome.

  26. TAI0Z says

    Not yet.

  27. Apocalypso-YouTube says

    Your teacher maid calls you master*

  28. RaymondSaunders42 says

    Take a seat, young Skywalker.

  29. lovesweetabix says

    Call me son ONE MORE TIME!

  30. thislitleshit says

    Is it only me that read the title in a youngling voice? I think I have been on this sub too long

  31. wtfmanuatemyjelly says

    What about when an Australian calls you a cunt?

  32. SheReadsLips says

    An old woman once called me “a tall drink of water” over 5 years ago and I’m still living on that compliment.

  33. WattoAFK says

    The youngling was the only one who called him master but the one who died saying it.

  34. RjSkitchie says

    I unintentionally made the poggers face for the last one

  35. jakethedumbmistake says

    Preach. Master did promise to save her.

  36. Apprehensive_Bed4505 says

    Thea to menay of them, wut hu we gona doe?

  37. superschaap81 says

    Not a lot people interacting with women on here, is there? My wife is French Candian and calls me babe, hun and darling daily. Sometimes I wish she’d just call me by my damn name!

  38. BlackLeader70 says

    Had us in there first ~~half~~ 4/5ths, not gonna lie.

  39. Platoribs says

    Gotta go with sugar at the top of that list, love

  40. ShadowGhost246 says

    lmao the top one is palpatine calling anakin son in rots.

  41. oo7goofy says

    Sugar > Love

  42. yushaliraza says

    Hey, where is the reaction template for when an Australian calls you **cunt**.?

  43. EmberOfFlame says

    „Say goodnight Love” – Sloane aka. Baddest Bitch of the Apex Predators

  44. ConsumeTheBaby says


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