1. DarthEcho says

    Don’t tell anyone, but if an unknown number is calling at the work phone, I sneakily mute it.
    Please leave me alone, and God forbid I actually have to do things

  2. Cjet969 says

    I have a three-way interview tomorrow with financial controllers for an accounts payable position and this meme really hits me

  3. levitatelego says

    This was me calling the vet for my dog 🥲

  4. namesmakemenervous says

    always, even if I like the person.

  5. succulentboi198 says

    Me having to order pizza today

  6. mbenzito25 says

    I love these.

  7. Danceswithunicornz says

    Oh man my new position at work has me calling random strangers all the time and it drives me bonkers. Although it gave me enough courage to call and make three appointments I’d been putting off for a long time. So there’s that.

  8. S1ayer says

    I used to have to write down what I am going to say on the phone call. Kinda like a script.

    I’d even write down my address, e-mail, and phone number because I would forget.

  9. Murky_Lock6231 says

    Introversion isn’t social anxiety

  10. drprime117 says

    My job is closing… this has been me all week…

  11. National_Worth_8305 says

    First time I ever made a call was to hot topics customers service since that was the only option for getting help with my order. Was completely wet with sweat afterwards lmfao. Lady was nice, which made it easier.

  12. rafonseeca says

    I have a tooth broken in half for over a month now, bc I don’t wanna call the dentist to make an appointment. I suck.

  13. inagardensomewhere says

    Laughing because this is also me…

  14. ByHelheim says

    I need to call my bank…
    I needed done since a week ago…..

  15. Organic_Stay_7229 says

    🙈🙈🙈🙈 so true.

  16. Voyager_Regayov says

    Best laugh I’ve had in weeks, great format

  17. mansan9226 says

    Imagine been an introvert working at a call center 😅. Every day is hell for me ☹️

  18. Zombiefood40 says

    Ffs!!!!! After reading the survey about memes THIS MEME IS QUALITY !!!!!

  19. TangeloComfortable77 says

    I’m curious since some countries are vaccinated, how do you do your classes? Face to face or still online? I’m stoke and kinda scared to go back to face to face but looking forward to school again!

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