1. Unidentifiedten says

    He’s adorable. He looks like he needs to lose some weight. I feel like I could help him and myself…

  2. Dash_O_Cunt says

    Hope the St Bernard was the momma

    Edit I can’t fucking spell

  3. Slaxle says

    Hefty boi does a *bay watch*

  4. Large-Calligrapher98 says

    How in heavens name did that even happen?!! Adorable tho!

  5. Vicious_Ocelot says

    If St. Bernard carry barrels of Brandy do Corgnard carry barrels of Cognac?

  6. Hypothermal_Confetti says

    I love him

  7. Fnarkfnark says

    So you’re saying it’s a Nard-dog?

  8. BABOU_theOCelott says

    Looks like it needs to lose some weight!

  9. thehowlingwool says

    Where have you been all of my life 😍

  10. iamwellandgoodz says

    Nice pic of little boy 😘

  11. sageheart79 says

    Aweee so cute

  12. Growlitherapy says

    Either the mamma had a bad time conceiving, or the daddy had to soapbox

  13. thatswherethedevilis says

    Holy crap. I’m in deep smit.

  14. Gnostromo says

    Was St Berni taken ?

  15. greeny_weenie says

    *insert Thanos impossible meme*

  16. Magiff says

    I’m now referring to my shepherd corgi mix as corgnard and you can’t do *anything* about it.

  17. slorju says

    p a w

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