1. solateor says

    [With sound and extra footage](https://imgur.com/fHdLtid.gifv)

    >”I felt (Holly) coming up on me on the side about the last 50m or so, I thought it was a runner at first but then I realized that it was a dog! I almost lost focus for a second deciding what was happening and still trying to run the race but I just decided to keep running and finish the race with a new running buddy and hope that no one got hurt!”

    >Clearly, Laney was surprised but also in good spirits about having some late competition join her for the end of her leg.

    >After the race, Holly’s family picked her up while owner, Kate Heywood of Morgan, was warming up for her 3,200m race, which was one of the next events.

    >Kate was later asked about the whole situation.

    >”I was warming up for my race when it happened so it definitely caught me off guard haha!”

    [Kate and Holly](https://i.imgur.com/Y7ypX4h.png)


  2. azlistener says

    Haha I won! Now I’m going to do the “trip-you victory scamper!”

  3. yaddibo says

    Such a doggo move to get out in front and immediately cut in front the girl. She’s lucky she didn’t fall . Totally worth it thoigh

  4. hax0rmax says

    What a chode of a dog owner. I’m assuming this race really meant something to these runners and it could’ve gone south. Dogs don’t need to go to everything.

    Yes yes, bring on downvotes.

  5. Zolo49 says

    Technically the dog was on a leash so no laws were broken.



  7. zeroair says

    doggo’s got some serious closing speed though.

  8. lava2020 says

    aw so lovely 🙂 <3

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