1. assbutt_Angelface says

    I’m still hoping for at least trigger tension for the bow.

  2. Darkadvocate5423 says

    Of course it was. With the first one coming out in early 2017, there was likely no PS5 dev-kit at all when they started production on the sequel.

  3. siemova says

    Since it was going to be a cross-gen title, this seems like a wise move, to ensure that it’s properly optimized. Remember that *not* doing this is what caused so much trouble for Cyberpunk 2077.

  4. SupahBlue says

    Playing the first Horizon right now on a PS5, Forbidden West is gonna look bananas.

  5. Sweenie123 says

    Can we stop posting the same damn article with clickbaity titles for gods sake

  6. bruceharryvok says

    This cross gen stuff would have blown over by now if PS had just pushed this narrative from the start. PS’s messaging made it seem like big upcoming games would be PS5 exclusive, built from the ground up to take advantage of the PS5. It’s on them.

    This was my biggest complaint about upcoming Xbox games, that they’d still need to be built to run on a base Xbox One. Cross gen games are not going to be the best they can be when their core experience is built to run on hardware from 2013.

    But oh well, we’ll still get some excellent games i’m sure.

  7. OptimusPrimeTime21 says

    Idk why people expected otherwise, if they started working on it right after the first then it was 2017, wtf where they supposed to develop on

  8. ThePursuitandtie says

    This game is gonna be such a disappointment. What was even the point in buying a ps5 when everything coming out is gimped because of lastgen development?

  9. PirateNinjaa says

    What a tragedy. Fundamental level design is crippled by this. Line of sight will suck. Loading times must be hidden. Groups of enemies will be small and isolated. Physics and AI will be limited. Enemy actions will be limited. Support for ancient hardware needs to die ASAP.

  10. Possible_Comedian_85 says

    That’s horrible news imo…

  11. EternalGazed says

    Great, another ps4 game.

  12. titansfan92 says


  13. Remy0507 says

    Thread title is very misleading in terms of the actual tone of the article and what they’re saying about the PS5 version.

  14. CrispChum says

    So when will current gen actually begin?

  15. SolitonSnake says

    The title of this post is a bit misleading. When he says “just” expect graphical improvements on the PS5 you can tell in context he is not saying expect *only* graphical improvements but rather that you should *still* expect graphical improvements. Like if someone says they’re going to I dunno climb Mt. Everest and someone says “just bring a lot of rope!” They’re not saying to bring literally nothing else. I do understand that there are implications to it having been developed for the PS4 so heavily with PS5 not being the main focus, but I do not think people should read this to mean there aren’t enhanced or additional gameplay features (or at least some good use of the dualsense, which is really mostly what I’m hoping for as far as upgrades).

    Not trying to be a fanboy or anything here – I think the skepticism around how much better the PS5 version will be is mostly realistic but I believe the title here gives a very wrong idea about what was said. I just really don’t think “only expect graphical improvements” was the meaning intended.

  16. Turbulent-Cheetah-28 says

    I’m not surprised, just disappointed. I can’t wait for cross gen titles to not be a hindrance anymore. Maybe the 3rd Horizon will be PS5 exclusive instead of this PS4.5 stuff.

  17. _QWERTY_YTREWQ_ says

    Very disappointing to hear.

    I was hoping we would get a truly next-gen experience, but seems we get a game that is still being hold back by the weak PS4.

  18. 1Simular says

    Remember when this reddit praised sony for advancing what is possible with ps5 in terms of anything. Now, people are fine with it for whatever the reason. It will be a good game but people need to show some disappointment the way it is heading right now. I get 1 year cross gen but anything more is disappointing. Hopefully we see some next gen soon to get the hype going for the ps5 capabilities

  19. abellapa says

    Makes sense the game came out early 2017,however gow really bother me being cross gen, it’s gonna release almost two after ps5 release

  20. TheHumanSpider99 says

    No real next gen AAA game until 2022 😬

  21. random-dude83 says

    Also, majority of console owners are still on PS4, not PS5. Not surprised, but definitely looking forward to the shift towards developing on PS5 then downscaling the game to PS4

  22. Rickemrobo91 says

    Better be no more than $60 then.

  23. suddenimpulse says

    They said we could have had flying mounts if it weren’t for the ps4. *sigh*

  24. hablagated says

    So it’s a ps4 game

  25. Adultstart says

    When wil the REAL next gen only game be released? The games that show the true potential of ps5 hardware

  26. FrederickWarner says

    Borderline rage material

  27. ImSerious1980 says

    No where does it say that “most” of horizon forbidden west was developed on ps4 . That’s a flat out lie

  28. staticthreat says

    It’s still the beginning my friends, hold onto your hats.

  29. 5rapid says

    Not ideal situation this.

  30. thenightwasdarkagain says

    This is why I’m disappointed that god of war will be on PS4

  31. brorista says

    Lmao as a ps5 owner it’s nice literally every game is just ps4 with graphic updates. Thank God for Returnal

  32. InnerSilent says

    Damn dawg I…. kinda don’t care about graphical improvements. I want the things we were promised before the console launched. Next gen exclusives that can “only do what they do on ps5”.

    God of War still has me pissed.

  33. abd855 says

    Probably not gonna see true next gen games for another 2-4 years.

  34. [deleted] says


  35. unarox says

    So dont make the price at ps5 levels?

  36. SirAlex505 says

    Not surprised, but still disappointed.

  37. Sefiroz91 says

    The first game was great, this one ain’t gonna be trash just because “it’s not developed for PS5”.

  38. wrucebayne_16 says

    I guess the start of the PS5 generation has pretty much set a precedent for future generations, do not buy a console on day one based off of company promises.

    If “we believe in generations” has shown anything, it’s that Sony is just like every other business in the market, out to make money and that may come as a hard realization to many. Till you don’t have actual games to play on the next gen console, it’s worth waiting, unless you buy it for the upgraded performance and stuff, in which case there’s no point in complaining about this.

    We’ve gotta start being smarter consumers, can’t keep blaming companies for doing what they do to make more profits.

  39. Benozkleenex says

    I mean it make sense first one was release early 2017 it was still in the middle of the PS4 life cycle and was obviously started as a PS4 game.

  40. Acceptable_Ad_453 says

    It’s okay for Sony but Xbox got blasted for it I can’t stand Pony fanboys

  41. Derriku says

    Y’all I get the disappointment of not having full exclusive Ps5 games but GoW and HZD were both AMAZING feats of technology and were great games ON THE PS4.
    Their sequels won’t be a huge TECH leap forward but they’re going to be just as good and satisfying to play and we’re going to get them with all the graphical enhancements the ps5 can put into a PS4 game AND we get dual sense, so they’ll be great on the ps5.

    It also gives the devs a chance to “field test” the ps5 and create an amazing and fresh experience for the system on their next game instead of stumbling through the new tech from the ground up.

    I. Am. Hyped for this next generation of gaming but I’m totally cool with our current one too.

  42. JamesUpton87 says

    Idk whybthis surprises anyone. The majority of dev teams move to production on the sequel before the first game comes out in most cases.

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