1. ManitouWakinyan says

    Not quite true. “Most” pro life people are women. While more women (and people in general) identify as pro-choice, a little less than 30% of women identify as pro life, and just over 25% of men do. (Some 35% of people identify as neither or both; just over 30% identify as pro choice).


  2. BubbhaJebus says

    I don’t have a uterus, but I stand firmly and forever on the side of reproductive freedom.

  3. True_Cranberry_3142 says

    I’m pro choice, but the argument that some people aren’t allowed to have an opinion because they aren’t biologically female is just dumb. Everyone can have views on anything

  4. manachar says

    Okay, I am gonna pile on the negative for this one.

    I should not shut up. I should loudly and voiciferously advocate for abortion rights because I have a fundamental belief in body autonomy for all.

    If government can legislate what others do to their bodies they can legislate what I can do to mine.

    I think that’s what this is trying to communicate, but like most bumper sticker slogans, fails at nuance.

  5. Tsar_Ernest says

    For this comment please keep in mind there is no scientific moment where a life becomes a life.

    If you 100% truly believe life is life at the moment of conception then to you abortion = killing a child.

    I think we can all agree killing children is bad, correct?

    If you believe this, you’re a monster if you *don’t* think there should be limitations/bans on abortion.

    This is why people are passionate about the cause.

    I understand a lot of left leaning folks don’t view what’s being aborted as a child, but your opinion on when life is life is no more or less valid than the people who think life begins sooner than you.

    I’m pro choice but I understand the point of view of those who are not. Seriously, if your world view and beliefs have you viewing abortions as the killing of children you can be as angry and upset about them as you want to be. It’s awful if that’s the lense through which you view it.

    I don’t support laws being passed that limit abortion rights, but I get why there is a debate about them.

    Also the idea that only women can have an opinion on this is baloney. Everyone can care about children/women’s rights.

  6. ParsleySalsa says

    I disagree with this statement. It should read:

    Should protect the right to choose.

    Because shutting up doesn’t help those that have a uterus

  7. The_Adman says

    I’m prochoice but I think this is a horrible way of thinking. I don’t think you need a particular organ to have a thoughtful argument.

    Plus women and men statistically don’t differ too much on this subject, it doesn’t seem like having a uterus sways you one way or another.

  8. Ticses says

    The notion that some people shouldn’t have a voice on issues and concerns within a democracy due to the conditions of their birth erodes the very idea of a free democracy. Either everyone gets a vote, or we reject free democracy. The question should never be “Do men have a right to express their opinion on this,” or rather more bluntly, “should this group be excluded from expressing their belief?”

  9. BBlasdel says

    Even if we were to hold to this new scripture …it wouldn’t actually meaningfully affect our fight over this as a country.

    Men and women hold more or less the same views as each other in more or less the same proportions. If there is a gender difference, its that women tend to hold both ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’ views more strongly than men, which is largely in line with the spirit of this.

  10. LeoMarius says

    I think most people don’t like abortion, but also don’t like telling women want to do with their own bodies. Most people are anti-abortion but pro-choice.

  11. LanceFree says

    Yes, separating ourselves into sects is the best way to solve our problems.

  12. amanofoneway says

    Pretty sexist tbh

  13. DrunkenBriefcases says

    This isn’t just dumb… it’s not even accurate.

  14. cbrad1713 says

    Hahaha the weakest, POS ad-hominem argument in the book. It’s funny because people with this argument suddenly have nothing to say when they see the pro-life secular humanist women at March for Life.

  15. DavidBrocksganglia says

    I often think antiAbortion folk know in their little hearts, their mom’s wished they could have aborted them.

  16. sunyudai says

    Honestly, I think we should put it to a vote.

    Add what is effectively, a nationwide ballot initiative during the next Presidential election, and nail this fight down.

  17. TripleSixxxxx says

    From the game Star Wars 13:13? 🙂

  18. ahitright says

    And then there are stories like [these](https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/). Anti-choice female activists are capable of doing some Olympic level mental gymnastics.

  19. MKTAS says

    Oh, about that, y’know this is hilarious how they opposed abortion called themselves pro-life, is how shows their hypocrisy, the government seized that moment to force hysterectomy on young immigrants.

    This is why this picture meant they shouldn’t remove the uterus. Removing their uterus is the same as abortion.

  20. 5goldensanicrings says


  21. yeeted_of_a_bridge says

    for real though it makes me feel sick

  22. TropiDana says

    It’s disgusting that a group of old ass dudes get to decide what a woman can and cannot do with their bodies.

  23. sexycastic says

    People just don’t get nuance I guess.

    This meme is essentially directed at people who think abortion should be outlawed. It is not directed at anyone who supports a womans right to choose. It’s being hyperbolic, nobody thinks people without uteruses should have ZERO say, people just like to drive to point home to half the anti-choice crowd that at the end of the day they have no say because it is not their body. This is directed at the man who will force a woman he impregnated to carry the child to term. Not those of you who have gotten upset here.

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