1. BR_Empire says

    I worked at a movie theater while MoviePass was at its peak and I found that the card they issue doesn’t strictly pay for tickets, rather it was a credit for about $12, if I remember correctly. I had customers coming in on $5 ticket Tuesdays who got their snacks paid for by MoviePass. That company was doomed from the start.

  2. MurderDoneRight says

    They were literally losing money on a user if they used it more than once a month.

  3. Seahawksroxmysox says

    Me and my wife were heavy movie pass users and at some point the app switched all the showtimes to say AM instead of PM. We went to go see eighth grade at a 5pm showing but the app switched the time to say 5am and then they froze our account for “fraud” for buying tickets for the “wrong” showtime. Such a scummy business but I’m glad regal unlimited and AMC A list are available now.

  4. jrazz80 says

    Movie pass was amazing for me for one full year.

    $10 a month and I saw at least ten movies each month.

    Then when Infinity War came out they made it so you couldn’t see the same movie twice.

    Then it was all downhill after that. They would have ‘technical difficulties’ at peak times.

    Then it would just not work at all.

  5. meowskywalker says

    The moment I got near a theater moviepass would start having data and gps connection issues. Nothing else on my phone having these issues. Just the app. I more than once had to buy my own ticket despite having moviepass because the app couldn’t make a connection even over Starbucks wifi. And this was back when it was thirty bucks a month and I was locked in to a year long contract. I can’t imagine what bullshit they pulled when they were charging less than the price of one movie ticket for a full month and requiring no contract.

  6. Reputable_Sorcerer says

    They claimed at the time that this was the same model as gyms. People pay a monthly amount to to go the gym, but they don’t go every day, so the gym profits. They did not account for the notion that working out is less enjoyable than sitting on your butt eating popcorn.

  7. fourthords says

    Exactly one year before MoviePass went under, CollegeHumor published, *[MoviePass CEO: PLEASE DON’T CANCEL](https://youtu.be/YBO_7UezpbY)* starring [Brennan Lee Mulligan](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brennan_Lee_Mulligan).

  8. Obi2 says

    My first ever stock purchase, $250 turned to $0 real quick.

  9. hamster_13 says

    I saw 96 movies in the one year my unlimited pass worked as advertised. Absolutely amazing for the $88 I paid for it. Everybody knew it wasn’t sustainable.

    I chatted with them once and asked what their plan was. The rep said they are a data mining company and at some point planned to use the data they gathered from users movie habits to sell that info to movie companies/theaters. The flaw with that, obviously, is that you aren’t getting ANY useable data from customers with an all you can eat pass. I saw soo many movies I really had no interest in just because they were free.

    Bless their hearts though, they forced a major changed in the movie industry and now regal and AMC offer similar packages.

  10. robotic_dreams says

    I was single, and rebuilding my house from the studs up when Moviepass came out. I also had no electric or gas turned on, as I was redoing all of that as well. That fall (and winter) I went to the movies almost every night. It was incredible. Not only getting some heat and entertainment, but I love movies, and to this day I look back on it as some magical time I’d never have paid for otherwise.

  11. Augen76 says

    My local cinema has a rewards program where every 10th film is free if you log it.

    With Movie Pass I saw so many films, even multiple times on some, that even after it died I had banked like 5 unredeemed free screenings on my rewards account. Never will there be a better value (for obvious reasons).

  12. BjornBeetleBorg says

    I had it 2014/2015 must’ve went to the movies 3 times a week. Whenever it didn’t work I’d just buy the ticket and email them a photo of the stub for a refund. sometimes I just did that if I was running late and didn’t go through the app.

  13. karuso2012 says

    I remember using it just to use the bathroom at AMC in Times Square once

  14. toastdispatch says

    Movie pass was incredible the first year I had it, it worked exactly as advertised: $10 a month and you can see a movie every day.

    Just swipe the card they sent you and the ticket is paid for.

    Then it became only some movies, then only some movies at certain times, then only select movies at non-peak times like “Secret life of Walter Mitty at 2am on a Wednesday”

    It quickly became unusable and I think their business plan was hoping people would subscribe and forget, people used the card as advertised and it became a huge loss, so they restricted it to the point of uselessness.

  15. JohnnyUtah_QB1 says

    >MoviePass and its parent company agreed to settle the FTC’s allegations, which comes with prohibitions on misrepresenting future businesses and the implementation of better data security.

    Oh, great, so their punishment is they had to pinky promise to not do it in the future, with their nonexistent business.

    Screw the FTC, spineless useless clowns.

  16. Getupkid1284 says

    No duh they literally limited what was able to be seen near the end of it.

  17. losteye_enthusiast says

    Heh, my sister-in-law’s fiancé bought close to 40k in shares of MP over the course of a year.

    As anyone who knows how to do basic research could tell, it tanked hard and she wound up covering his bills, as is tradition with those 2.

    MoviePass was awesome for most of 2017. The wife and I saw a lot of movies that year.

  18. photopteryx says

    I hope everyone has a chance to watch [this message from MoviePass’s CEO](https://youtu.be/YBO_7UezpbY).

  19. ThaWulf says

    Towards the end they got pretty bad. I remember once checking the app and seeing tickets avail, then once I drove 5 minutes to the theater all the showtimes were gone. My friends and I would have to drive to the theater at lunch to buy the tickets for a nighttime showing, because they would be gone by 5pm. My year sub ran out about a month into the end decline, so I got out before it got reeeeal bad. When they started offering only one or two movies a day, and half the time there would be no showings avail at all (they would claim all the movies were “high demand” to get them removed).

    I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I remember calculating I paid under 3 bucks per ticket by the end. Saw every movie I wanted to see plus a bunch I would have skipped normally.

  20. GaryBettmanSucks says

    I was a long time MoviePass user and it was amazing. I was saving money back when it was 44.99 per month. Then it exploded when they dropped to 9.99 per month.

    The best was the deal they offered – I can’t remember if it was a loyalty thing for old users, or a Black Friday sale or something – but it was 80 up front for a year. By this point it was clear they were desperate for cash, but I didn’t give a fuck. Tickets were 12 dollars in my area at the time, so if you saw SEVEN MOVIES A YEAR you would save money. I went to fucking town that entire year, I probably personally cost them like 600 dollars or something.

    The other best part was that (for awhile) the theaters swiped your MoviePass card as a normal credit or gift card for the full price of the ticket – which meant, make sure to swipe your theater loyalty card too and get rewards as if you paid full price for every ticket! I literally earned free movie tickets by purchasing free movie tickets. It was glorious.

  21. shogi_x says

    Not surprising. They were bleeding money so fast even r/wallstreetbets wouldn’t touch it.

  22. PhoneSteveGaveToTony says

    The silly thing about MP is it could’ve still been a massive success if they would’ve been more realistic in the beginning. $10/month for potentially 28-31 movies never made financial sense and there were plenty of realistic options they could’ve pursued, but they quadrupled down on that initial model daring theaters to call their bluff (which they did).

  23. CookiesLikeWhoa says

    As a manager at AMC during the peak of this I can say without a doubt they most certainly were and countless other horrible things to their users too.

    Really made you hate dealing with MP simply because they were impossible to deal with or some Karen thought it was your fault MP was screwing her.

  24. CrawdadMcCray says

    They certainly did, so did Sinemia. I used both services for an extended period of time and the hoops they would make you jump through towards the end were getting to be ridiculous. Obviously it’s because the business model was unsustainable, but still.

  25. CheckHistorical5231 says

    They might have lost money on every customer, but they could have made it up in volume.

  26. ireporteverything420 says

    Fucking duh, it was a complete and utter stupid idea that was never going to make money if people actually used it as a service.

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