1. Jimmytowne says

    Aren’t you supposed to vacuum a fake lawn?

  2. ClownfishSoup says

    I thought the color was from a shadow. It took a while for my brain to process it.

  3. tom208 says

    Yeah it musta been growin outta control

  4. MrDahm_ says

    Well why did you mow your lawn if it was fake grass…

  5. digitalbullet36 says

    Fresh coat of spray paint should do the trick.

  6. Tooleater says

    John ohDeere 🙈

  7. Matok1 says

    How did someone that stupid manage to make enough money to afford a place like this?

  8. TheOliiOne says

    That’s a loose definition of lawn my dude

  9. WJR26 says

    bruh i thought the stone path was part of the fake grass and assumed it was the bottom layer of it

  10. Muted_Ad_4550 says

    Pro tip, get real grass next time

  11. Reggielovesbacon says

    I hope they mulched it. It’s so much more natural that way.

  12. dren_eb_I says

    How do you even make it to the point in life where you can push any object if you’re this dumb?

  13. ShawtyShewster says

    I Imagine this being the work of a kind neighbor who was just trying to be kind but found out it’s fake grass halfway through the job…

  14. BassRiderX says

    Well, look at the bright side. Only have to do it once

  15. originalslickjim says

    And to think they didn’t realise immediately and actually carried on.

  16. FredSandfordandSon says

    You are Definitely going to need to reseed that.

  17. tomzicare says

    At first I thought the dark part was the shade lmao

  18. dog20aol says

    I have never seen fake grass that looks good. There’s a sporting goods shop north of Denver with fake grass in the parking lot islands. The edges are all lumpy with weeds growing out of them. So much for the low maintenance concept. It looked so awful, I couldn’t wait to get up in the mountains to wash that vision of it out of my eyes.

  19. Zlijah says

    Why did he need to mow it.. It doesn’t grow?

  20. subscriber_number_30 says

    I have an uncle with a really bad anger problem, I am just imagining all the ways he would lose his shit if this was done to his lawn. The guy gets enraged when birds mess with his garden, so even if it’s a fake lawn I know he’d go absolutely mad lol

  21. magic06grass20 says

    Who would try to mow it when it was that short?

  22. HyperBillyHypo says

    It took that many passes to figure it out?

  23. Marios_Facade says

    Hol up. I thought this was photoshopped or something

  24. tracker904 says

    But why even think of mowing it even if it was real? The back part is like the perfect height for grass isn’t it?

  25. hoehater says

    This is what happens when you hire the local tweeker to mow the lawn because they’re cheaper than the usual lawn care guy.

  26. BrianWagner80 says

    Don’t worry it will grow back

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