1. Flawda-Man says

    Yal look like the goodwill version of Joe Dirt and Miley Cyrus

  2. SandokanNL says

    So, you once made your own MySpace page and your partner is unemployed. Got it

  3. GilbertGilbert13 says

    I’m not sure which is which

  4. HarryCallahan19 says

    Two bottoms, one picture.

  5. FullBitGamer says

    Die Antwoord is looking EXTRA rough lately.

  6. Chevy530 says

    Mullet boy looks like he would suck a dick for a bus pass and then walk home.

  7. NicklovesFood101 says

    If you two was anymore inbred you would be a sandwich.

  8. cdownard72 says

    Looks like a tiger king remake in the works

  9. ravingwanderer says

    Hills have eyes vibes. Wtf.

  10. thunderbumble says

    Over-educated and under-medicated.

  11. JangoMike says

    Two boring people with no real personalities trying too hard to be interesting

  12. Rick808080 says

    Both binary, both zeroes.

  13. Jakkobyte says

    As a heterosexual male, I truly am struggling to figure out which one of you I would rather fuck

  14. Makkapakka777 says

    “The other one is a radical leftist with leg hair”

    Why state the obvious?

  15. orangecrushjedi says

    One on the left looks like they got caught in between settings of neanderthal and homo sapien at the character select.

  16. vellu212 says

    The nonbinary one looks like that generic tomboy with ill fitting clothes that’s in every self discovery Netflix program so the 67 year old director can get his fill jacking it to softcore

  17. ProperPrick says

    All you need now is a vegan and a cross-fit competitor and you will have fully assembled the league of extraordinarily dull individuals.

  18. LargeCzar says

    Hey look it’s Dollar Store Peter Pan and his arch nemesis Captain Cook’s Meth

  19. ApeyH says

    Mullet boy looks like he can lick his lips and stick to any glass surface..

  20. Subject_Journalist says

    Is this a still from a deep south oxycontin documentary? You look like fuck cousins that huff paint together.

  21. HypeThere says

    Making moonshine and planting weed is not programming.

  22. sogoldenGRL says

    i can practically smell the “me and my partner like your vibes, can we buy you a drink?” through the screen

  23. Sheep_Stone101 says

    You look like people who would yell “Zombies are people too!” during an apocalypse.

  24. Baron-151 says

    There is no common sense in this picture

  25. nelsonic1990 says

    Trying so hard to be unique by following every trend

  26. trayasion says

    I don’t care how many compliments you think you received on that mullet, I can guarantee they are laughing at you behind your back.

    Cute that you think you have balls to suck, you clearly gave them to your dominatrix long ago

  27. EisenBesen says

    Some people just roast them selves enough…

  28. remmington1956 says

    Please don’t have kids

  29. Jimmy_the_Barrel says

    Look like yall trying to start a microbrewery using his vaginal yeast.

  30. Rheinys says


    You remind me of these two

  31. Douglasqqq says

    You’re both each end of the spectrum of people Grand Theft Auto games make fun of.

  32. polysnip says

    You look like a couple who openly admit to pegging each other.

  33. thunderbumble says

    Alternative by choice vs. alternative by default.

  34. Physical_Constant420 says

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say, this is Alabama

  35. metann_dadase says

    “Every polyamorous couple ever”

  36. jenbamin245 says

    you have the shittiest weed

  37. Steelsentry1332 says

    Fishing lures should not be used as earrings. That said, the two of you are less interesting than the prospect of watching paint dry.

  38. rubbar says

    The only thing you’ve programmed is a VCR so they can record Maury while day drinking at the trash pit down by the stream.

  39. mikejones84 says

    When you order your Die Antwoord from Wish.

  40. machete_joe says

    “Anyone who roasts the mullet should know he got ten compliments last weekend and can suck his balls. ”

    I am sure the family were a big fan, of both.

  41. BootHillExpress says

    What in the alabama backwoods cousin fuckin tarniation did I just look at.

  42. Renjenbee says

    > he got ten compliments on it last weekend and can suck his balls.

    Most impressive thing about this post is that OP can suck his balls. And it shows.

  43. BenchPressington says

    Your hair is about as unique as her tattoo.

  44. ModBotsMayBiteMyButt says

    You guys are both bad actors. He is a gay redneck acting like a programmer to impress you. You’re a lesbian with a Fibonacci sequence tattoo, acting like a nerd to impress him.

  45. afos2291 says

    Ed and Edd

  46. nastynastynatenate says

    Xanax and Adderall

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