1. SlapaHoeIndian says

    Damn, Elton John out there living the good life.

  2. Itsaronxmcneal says

    There must a coalition of vegans posting gifs of farm animals on here and I’m all for it.

  3. LavenderPearlTea says

    Love how much the cow seems to be enjoying it.

  4. BrightenedGold says

    Is there a subreddit dedicated to grooming cute cows like this?

  5. rhaegar_tldragon says

    That’s a beauty cow.

  6. xowildrose says

    Such a cutie, he’s enjoying that

  7. kkngs says

    The winter coat is so different looking. It’s probably partly the breed, too, but they don’t look like that here in Texas.

  8. killy_321 says

    Cow looks happy. I would want a couple of corks on those horns though!

  9. ganymede_boy says


    Until the cow sneezes and the horns rip someone’s face off.

  10. MistSpelled says

    Cow: Moooooooo…re

  11. adavi608 says

    There’s a coffee shop in Landon, SC where they have a tip jar that references cow tipping. The owner said she did it once (or the lady in charge, she looked like the owner)

  12. Oliver_Dibble says

    Highland coos really enjoy a good brushing, and they always need one!

  13. ttasj says

    The cow is breeding human brushers

  14. djwdude420 says

    Must have one, where can I get one

  15. Wayne1946 says

    That animal is in cow heaven,moo dont stop

  16. Dependent_Zebra_ says

    That cow is really just living it’s best life

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