1. thascarecro says

    man that is pounded in there.

  2. Testosterone-Dan says

    Bro you shouldn’t get another tattoo from your friend if he doesn’t follow proper sanitation and blood borne pathogens procedures, I work from home and have my work station set up like I would in a real shop. How I can tell your homes stuff isn’t sterile, he’s got his fucking box of gloves on the dirty ass fucking ground. I’m all for garage tattoos but only when not going to get infected from unsafe procedures.

  3. BritishBeauty9 says

    The tattoo is dope and all but as some of the comments are saying, you should go to another tattoo artist.

  4. mortemerus says


  5. Wickedkookhead4 says

    I like the idea but holy shit the artist fucked that up

  6. Amir-EETZ says

    Sick! A CryBaby tat on the other leg would match it well.

  7. randomsquid101 says

    Like everyone else says,, don’t get tatted by this person again. With that being said, I think you got pretty lucky this time because at least the line work isn’t that bad! It’s readable, it might blow out a bit and it might heal a lil bumpy, but it is sick none the less!! I’m really digging the font.

    Keep it clean, keep it sterile, and go to a better tattoo artist next time 😉

  8. DREW_cor204 says

    Sick, nice shoes

  9. Matthewgrimes21 says

    That’s awesome bro. Nice choice

  10. Mr_Tweets says

    This tattoo sucks, good job on being original too.

  11. Littlegirlfrxmhell says

    Love it!

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