1. marlinspike says

    Wow! You’re talented! I’d like to see some other chalk art you’ve done. This fascinates me because I can barely draw a straight line with chalk, and then there are people who can create awesome art!! Kudos!!

  2. Thechalkingdad says

    Here’s the [reverse angle](https://imgur.com/gallery/BujlUm4)

  3. dotknott says

    RIP Eric Carle. I was sad to hear of his passing but glad to hear he had such a long life. I snuggled up with my toddler and read a few from our library that evening.

  4. KntckyFriedChldren says

    “The caterpillar had outgrown puny vegetables”

    *”He craved for the child.”*

  5. greatspacegibbon says

    Nice work! You’ve really nailed it. Looks exactly like the book.

  6. rsplatpc says

    That is soooo well done!

    When are you thinking about doing the piece, how do you set it up to look like it’s really there? Is there math involved or do you just know in your head how to make it look like its on the sidewalk?

  7. shiv1987 says

    This book 🙂

    I got some tears in my eyes alltimes i see this catpillar….. My grandma alltimes read and show me this book when i was young

    Ty for the award 🙂

    I was wrote this and was drive home with my wife, 3 hours to catch up my thoughter ( 13) and go ahead home

    Ofc my first question was where the big catpillar is ( the original one in stuffed animal)

    I like how she instalty know it cause she know i love it

    And ofc this street art is amazing and i will go into 3d art a little

    Last xmas i was painting 1 cartoon animal guy or something from first dezember to 24 and wrote something like

    “i love u my two sweetys” anything u will get a red head

    Advence kalender ita called but i never buy stuff for it

    Its one of the best days i got in long time thank u all guys

  8. Cikky_Ree says

    Username chalks out

  9. jayblesz says

    This takes some talent… nice.

  10. HopsDrinker says

    No matter how many times I see these chalk drawings, I’m always amazed…I would do these all the time if I had the ability

  11. Khepri89 says

    How wide is that street?… or is this just a tiny kid? Or do I have no eye for perspective?

  12. Spiritbrand says

    In our house, we call that book “Eat until you Feel Pretty”.

  13. BigDeadPixel says

    This will probably get buried but what is the process to get the angle right? Projector? Constantly getting up and checking? Drones with future level AI?

  14. Zach_Edgerton16 says

    Use to read all his books when I was a kid, now I’m 34..amazing how time flys by so fast 💨💨💨

  15. Brodster1215 says

    How did I not know he died

  16. danceinstarlight says

    This is real?! Looks like photoshop, amazing!

  17. jpfeifer22 says

    Wow, the kid looks so realistic, that’s crazy!

  18. Bologna-Bear says


    Excellent work!

  19. Colleenja says

    Wow – you are talented. Such a sweet picture!

  20. GlitterBombHoboStick says

    Another wonderful piece! I love seeing your stuff pop up on reddit. Keep up the good work!

  21. -0_0 says

    Damn he was hungry for apples

  22. dankwoodz says

    Do James and the giant peach next!

  23. TroubleshootenSOB says

    This is cool as hell. Shit I want to take a picture with it

  24. SewNonlinear says

    Wow. Just wow.

  25. AlrightyAlmighty says

    I love humans

  26. Sarandipityyy says

    super freaking cool!

  27. tripledjr says

    That garage and front door area are built at a completely different angle than the other side of the house. Or am I just losing it?

  28. Second-Mindless says

    Is the house crooked?

  29. Spyrothedragon9972 says

    Is it me or is that house sinking?

  30. feral_philosopher says

    To get the perspective right do you do the outlines with the aid of a projector? – and then take the photograph from where the projector was?

  31. KillionMatriarch says

    Utterly delightful!

  32. Carismatico says

    I read theses book 📚 as a child 👶🏼 my mother went out of her way find them in Spanish. Happy 😊 time oh happy times indeed

  33. Disastrous_Reality_4 says

    I see things like this and it just amazes me that some people’s minds work in a way that allows them to create amazing things like this.

    Absolutely incredible.

  34. kyoko_eats says

    Fantastic work!

    Also, absolutely love the kiddos style with his Spider-Man shirt and heart shades.

  35. karenaviva says

    You ARE the Chalk King, Dad!

  36. burmylaris says

    I absent mindedly wandered into this sub and clicked on this and did a cartoon double take

    This is awesome.

  37. Lockethegenius says

    For some reason as a young child, I had vivid nightmares about this caterpillar that I still 35 years later 😬

  38. -dgs3- says

    Lol I thought this was shopped at first

  39. Baxtron_o says

    How is the?….Apple on the street?…..The kid?…..

  40. bhampson says

    They say “never meet your heroes,” but I had the fortune of meeting Mr. Carle and he was as nice as you’d expect a renowned children’s author to be.

  41. UltimateBattleArena says

    Cool pic. You should post this in r/confusing_perspective if you haven’t already.

  42. alexlmlo says

    You are such a talent at such young age!

  43. jesusonice says

    We read this story to my son almost every night

  44. Cartoonslut says

    That’s incredibly well done! Carle would be proud.

  45. mimentum says

    This is brilliant! A perfect tribute!

  46. JohnLayman says

    What chalk are you using? Or is it paint?

  47. my_life_cursed says

    So impressive. Perfectly nailed the perspective!

  48. pnjohnso says

    Dude this is incredible. You should do a series of these and sell the shit out of them. You are talented.

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