1. aiowaitre says

    Bro why it crawling out the pot like that

  2. milanorlovszki says

    I think you meant to say cocktus

  3. wivsta says

    There’s a size for whatever you fancy.

  4. Big_Cryptographer_16 says

    They’re looking at me and following me around the room like a creepy painting.

  5. d-clarence says


    Anybody here ever seen Season 2, Episode 6 of The Boys?

    Because that cactus reminds me of a certain character…

  6. s33k3r_Link says


  7. Kranky_Ferret says

    Mildly Tentacle.

  8. Blackberries11 says

    Needs water I think

  9. hotsprings1234 says

    That’s a big prick! 😂

  10. IolaBoylen says

    More like r/wildlypenis

  11. jcmatthews66 says

    Needs some viagra

  12. WittleIndianGirl says


  13. jimmyPCrackhead says


  14. stonerhippiemutt says

    Your mate is very gifted.

  15. Migwelded says

    Dad, why is my cactus different than yours?

  16. titsoutshitsout says

    Yo my homies over in r/houseplants loooove seeing these plants on the sub! Wiggly little dicks!

  17. IAmthatIAn says

    My throat hurts looking at this

  18. nelson_pete_1317 says


  19. dwaynethetoothfairy says

    Flaccid cactus. Could be a band name

  20. derpgannonherp17 says

    H U N G

  21. BoobaVera says

    Ribbed for prickly pleasure

  22. SpookyVoidCat says

    I’m pretty sure I’ve read this fanfic before..

  23. GandalfTheBeautiful says

    It’s looking a little down. Give it some attention and maybe it’ll come back up? Maybe some more sun? 😂

  24. kaj4r says

    Your mate’s cactuses are big indeed.

  25. MildlyAmusedinUT says

    Hey look… a bowl of flaccid dicks.

  26. slimysallysipsslowly says

    It looks like a muppet

  27. comcret_cookies says

    Anything can be a dildo if your brave enough

  28. tbag90 says

    Its a cocktus

  29. as_esu_sakute says

    Damn, three balls?

  30. anapollosun says


  31. anapollosun says

    Ribbed for her OW



  32. Prewdent says


  33. paranormalconduct says

    I’m his mate 😉

  34. KittyDonutButt says

    I would love to gift this to my MIL this upcoming mother’s day.

  35. LBFilmFan says

    Mildly Scrat.

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