Nine healthy snacks to help with your exam preparation


When exams are around, we begin to function differently. While a lot of many people perform well under pressure, it is imperative that they also take care of their diet and sleep.

There is a lot of exam anxiety, along with cravings for processed, junk foods. “If you’re finding yourself in that position, here’s a guide to the foods that will actually improve your brain function,” shares Uma Naidoo, a Harvard-trained nutritional psychiatrist.

She writes in an Instagram post, “Great choices include foods high in antioxidants because they improve clarity and fatigue. These include foods like dark chocolate, berries, and citrus fruits.”

Ahead, check out the nine foods you can snack on wholeheartedly as you prepare for your exams.


Dr Naidoo says they are “excellent source of lutein which may positively improve brain function”.


Berries work in your favour by boosting the blood flow to your brain, thereby increasing your mental performance.

Dark chocolates

You can never have enough of dark chocolate and the best part is, it is good for you when you are preparing for exams, because it helps improve mental fatigue and boosts memory.


Great for coordination, memory and brain functioning, the nutritionist calls them “nature’s multivitamin”. Certainly an ingredient you cannot miss out on!

Green vegetables 

Other foods such as green veggies, beets, and eggs contain essential nutrients, fibre, and protein to optimise your brain function.


Beetroots are rich in nitric oxide, which makes them great in promoting blood flow, helping in the proper functioning of the brain.


“Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids are also great for brain function because they make up most of the brain’s dry weight. Try choosing nuts, avocados, and seafood,” she adds.

Mixed nuts

It is a well-known fact that they are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and help keep your mind active, fuelling both the brain and the body.

Citrus fruits

They are rich in flavonoids; they help in enhancing memory and promoting learning.

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