1. Agile_Ad_2234 says

    Does it take less than 22 minutes to print?

  2. WaltRitt says

    By request, I update the model files to include a one piece bust.


  3. krillinitboi says


  4. QwertyuiopThePie says

    Oh, sweet, thanks. Gonna have to print this next time I get the resin out.

  5. HolyCrapMo says

    Fuck I wish I had I 3D Printer

  6. FWdgod says

    It looks perfect!!

  7. Liorem says

    Please don’t look it in the eyes, I don’t wanna die yet !

  8. NightlyCrow says

    Oh wow this looks amazing! Definitely something I need to print and have standing at my desk. And I love that you made it possible to add lights to the eyes!

  9. penguinquin says

    Let me just yoink those files real quick thank you

  10. FuzzyOcelot says

    I need to dig my printer out of storage and make one of these!

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