1. spork-a-dork says

    Damn, 2004 doesn’t even feel to be that far away in the past. Then again, in 1995, 1979 felt like ancient history to me.

    Time really does change one’s perspective. Things that happened 5 years ago feel like they happened maybe six months ago, max.

  2. haus_der_luege says

    I can beat that. Bryan Adams’ *Summer of ’69* was recorded in 1984. An equivalent song today would be entitled “Summer of ’06.”

  3. RickRudeAwakening says

    These timeline things never fail to amaze and depress me haha. I was watching Back to the Future the other day and thought about how the 30 year gap from 1955-1985 is now 6 years less than the gap of 1985 to present.

  4. PhoneJazz says

    If *Pleasantville* (1998) took the teens back to 1958, that would be like a modern-day movie taking the teens back to a 1981 TV show.

  5. Serling45 says

    The Four Seasons released a sentimental song about late December 1963 in December 1975. That would be like a song about 2009 today.

  6. fuelvolts says

    In 2 years, the time difference between Bowling For Soup’s song 1985 being release (2004) and now will be the same time difference (19 years). The “mom” in the song is likely retired now with grandkids.

  7. ConversationNo7591 says

    Didn’t Anne-Marie do a song called 2004?

  8. jaymz668 says

    And we don’t know just where our bones will rest

  9. canlchangethislater says

    You think that’s bad? If the Stooges wrote 1969 today it would have to be called 2021!

  10. Rampface says

    This song already exists and it’s called “I’m Sorry 2004”

  11. DessertFlowerz says

    Well its not equivalent because all the years in the 2000s have been bad

  12. merelyadoptedthedark says

    95% of this subreddit is not-so-fun math.

  13. Roller_ball says


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