1. boastcrow says

    Why is Japan’s govt debt so high in comparison to the other nations?

  2. rhodesc says

    The collapsing/changing scale makes it a little difficult to track relative change over the time span of the video.

  3. Chevey0 says

    How could it be about Covid based debt but end at 2020?

  4. Victor_Korchnoi says

    Debt:GDP went up sharply this past year. I’m curious how much of that is debt going up and how much is GDP going down.

  5. Cultural_Dust says

    If the point of this is to show the impact of COVID then why do we see 30 years of data leading up and then a one second blip of the “focus”. Seems like something monthly from 2019 to current would better represent the title. In its current form it tells me very little about COVID.

  6. webslinger591 says

    The last frame of the animation contains all the data so why not just show that? Or is the animation intended to build suspense like a mystery movie?

    This is an honest question and my comment applies to pretty much all animated graphs. Can anyone point out what I might be missing regarding animations?

  7. MikeDubbz says

    Honestly, the jump wasn’t as bad as I’d have thought, but it is all at once, and undeniable. Also, poor Japan, they were really turning things around there for their debt for a moment it looked like.

  8. mfb- says

    60% was the intended upper limit for countries to join the Euro (1992). It didn’t become a strict limit, however.

  9. FreidenkerCH says

    Fuck, who the fuck implemented this new comment/video design, where it‘s like a live stream. It‘s atrocious

  10. tom_fuckin_bombadil says

    It’s pretty but the first 20 seconds are kinda useless/redundant.

    I get the same amount of info just looking at the last frame.

  11. HappyInNature says

    Why not just have a graph? Just a simple picture.

    This data presentation is not beautiful

  12. 38B0DE says

    Fun fact after the financial meltdown and having to save the Eurozone Germany decided to set an example of keeping the economy at 60% debt. The achieved this right as Covid hit. With climate change initiatives and a much needed digital reform debt is going to go through the roof.

  13. iwanttobeachildagain says

    Why is “coronavirus” included in the title?

  14. OddballLouLou says

    Germany seems to have their shit together

  15. thefunkygibbon says

    A picture would have been fine. Had to pause it at the end to see the point of the video anyway

  16. stinkybasket says

    Thank for the graph.
    Does this include provincial debt for Canada?

  17. define_space says

    lets not confuse debt with the deficit. japan, canada and the US have room to continue spending into their economies (thats what the deficit is after all) without risk of inflation, and will ALWAYS be able to pay the interest on ‘debt’ as they are fiat currency creators. interesting graph but it makes it seem like japan is fucked

  18. sleepyEyes_03 says

    The title is irrelevant, the time starts at the 1980s. If you want to emphasize covid’s effect, start at like 2015 or so and go month by month. This format just doesn’t make much sense

  19. PoLoMoTo says

    Hmmmm for someone calling themselves PieChartPirate this seems suspiciously not a pie chart….

  20. Computer0x2A says

    USA: We’re in so much debt…

    Japan: Hold my Yen

  21. Ledovi says

    Japan’s like see ya suckers!! Money isn’t real!

  22. uuuuuuuuuusername says

    The real fun is in 2021. Shame.

  23. Paine91 says

    Also: r/usernamechecksout

  24. Mr0010110Fixit says

    Damn, USA is falling behind, we need to try harder to get 1st place. We coming for you Japan!

  25. IP1nth3sh0w3r says

    Actually a little surprised the UKs debt isn’t higher

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